Life through a lens: Gerard Butler gets snap happy as he celebrates latest venture A day in the life of a Hollywood star inevitably includes being photographed wherever you go. So Gerard Butler decided to turn the tables on some snappers lining the red carpet this week.

In between greeting his fans at the premiere for his new film, the good-humoured actor borrowed a camera from a member of the press and got to grips with life on the other side of the lens.

It was no doubt an interesting experience for Gerard, whose profile in the film industry has been on the rise in the last few years.

Aside from acclaimed roles in big productions including 300, PS, I Love You and RocknRolla, the Paisley-born hunk has been the focus of romance speculation with A-list beauty Jennifer Aniston – making him to be the subject of many a paparazzi shot.

It was not surprising the 39-year-old was in such good humour at the Los Angeles event.

Gerard, dressed in a sharp suit for the occasion, was attending the premiere of Law Abiding Citizen – a film he not only stars in, but which he also produced.

"Sometimes I get really worked up at these premieres, but today I've been really relaxed, because this is my movie," he confessed.

"I produced this, I'm in it, and I'm so excited and I want to just enjoy it."

The film tells the story of an everyday man who takes justice into his own hands when his family's killers are set free.

One of his targets is a corrupt D.A, played by Jamie Foxx - who was also at the screening.

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