Robert Pattinson's not the only one struggling with happily ever after Spare a thought for Robert Pattinson. Not only is he having problems getting a date in real life, but his on-screen character is also struggling with living happily ever after too.

A newly-released screen shot from the forthcoming Twilight movie shows a disgruntled looking Edward Cullen – Rob's on-screen vampire persona – scowling in the background.

And the reason for his bad mood? The sight of his girl Bella Swan - played by Kristen Stewart – sharing a friendly exchange with her pal Jacob Black, who is the son of her father's best friend.

The shot hints of the trouble to come for Edward and Bella's relationship which arise in New Moon, which hits cinemas in the UK and America on November 20.

After the brunette beauty's 18th birthday party ends in near disaster when she cuts her finger – she's attacked by Edward's brother, who succumbs to his blood lust – the Cullen family decides to leave town.

In Edward's absence, distraught Bella finds solace in her deepening friendship with Jacob Black, played by Taylor Lautner.

Jacob has problems of his own though. Something is happening to him, and for once he can't talk to Bella about it.

Then someone from Bella's past comes back to haunt her, bringing danger upon all those around her.

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