Foxy ladies and laughs galore at unveiling of George Clooney's animated tale Millions of women would agree that 'Mr Fox' is an apt title for George Clooney. Fitting then that the Hollywood heart-throb has taken on that very role in his new animated film.

Gorgeous George was in London this week to launch his movie, The Fantastic Mr Fox - a big screen adaptation of Roald Dahl's classic children's tale. And joining him was his very own foxy lady, Italian TV presenter Elisabetta Canalis.

The pair's relationship, cemented over the summer with romantic encounters at George's Lake Como retreat is still going strong.

When asked about his plans to settle down, George joked that he intended to "adopt Brad Pitt's kids".

And when his tendency to play characters who are lacking responsibility was pointed out to him, he replied: "I will now have to consider the other jobs. I was going to play Peter Pan."

The 48-year-old wasn't the only one in a jovial mood at the unveiling. Bill Murray couldn't resist butting in when director Wes Anderson was asked why the film's humans were the only ones with British accents.

"Because they're bad guys," proclaimed the star, who voices Badger in the film.

Even Jarvis Cocker, who only has one line in the flick – as a solitary banjo player – got in on the laughs.

"That line, I put everything into it and I hope that when people see the film they'll be able to sense the preparation and the pain that went into doing it," said the former Pulp frontman.

Guests at the presentation of the film, which tells the tale of a fox who decides to go back to his old thieving ways, included Cindy Crawford. The model was a knockout in a black gown split to the thigh – a look which Elisabetta was also working.

Roald Dahl's grandaughter Sophie Dahl was also there with her jazz musician partner Jamie Cullum, and guest of honour was the late author's widow Felicity.

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