Wizard investments keep Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in the property game

As Nicolas Cage goes about offloading his properties around the world, some younger film stars are set on expanding their real estate portfolios.

Led by Daniel Radcliffe, the Harry Potter actors have been steadily adding to their investments in the housing market.

The boy wizard, for example, has just bought his third property in New York - a townhouse worth almost £4million - reports the Daily Mail.

Built by a sea captain for his daughters in 1847, the 3,000-sq-ft pad is said to have five bedrooms and be on one of the Big Apple's most picturesque tree-lined landmark cobblestone blocks.



Daniel also owns a £3.2million fifth-floor apartment in a 'sexy new development' in the SoHo district and £3million for a three-bedroom condo apartment with stunning views across the Hudson River.

Not to be outdone, co-star Rupert Grint recently bought a 22-acre Hertfordshire estate, boating a six-bedroom manor house built in the 18th-century.

Meanwhile, Emma Watson has spent £3million on a North London townhouse and is thought to own a £1million ski chalet in a French resort.