Sexy campaign stars Eva and husband Tony as she follows Posh's example

The pictures, for which Eva stripped off celebrate a "romantic, intimate moment", between the couple
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Eva Longoria Parker seems to have taken a leaf out of her friend Victoria Beckham's book for her latest venture and stripped off for the cameras, posing with her husband in a series of intimate shots.

The Desperate Housewives star looks effortlessly beautiful as she cosies up to her man in a new advertising campaign for clothing company London Fog.

While handsome basketball star Tony chose to keep his clothes on – unlike Becks – the chemistry between the couple is evident in their first official photo shoot together.

And it is unlikely to be the last given the fun Eva, 34, and France-born Tony, 27, had on the day.

"It was a big love fest," said London Fog's marketing director Dari Marder. "The creative concept was a romantic intimate moment, so it was a lot of Eva and Tony standing really close and nuzzling."

"They were like, 'This is the easiest job we've ever done."

The couple, who wed in July 2007, had such a good time that the Texas-born brunette asked for copies of some of the shots for the family album.

"What was so sweet is that Eva asked if we could have a couple of portraits printed for her," Dari told the Mail.

"She said she had never asked for that before, but she wants to put them in her home."