Top marks on and off stage for Sienna Miller as she begins her theatre run Her former lover Jude Law is currently receiving rave reviews for his theatrical turn in New York.

Meanwhile, another British stalwart Daniel Craig is also appearing on stage just a few blocks away.

So Sienna Miller had a lot riding on her Broadway debut when she began her run in After Miss Julie, taking the titular role this week.

Aware of the importance of the event, media-savvy Sienna, 27, went out of her way to ensure her night ended on a high, thanks to her fashion-forward choice of frock. 

The starlet chose a real statement dress – a distressed Balmain number that was in itself enough to grab the headlines.

Of course, it wasn't just Sienna's fashion sense that was a talking point.

She received solid reviews for her turn alongside Jonny Lee Miller as the valet her character Julie seduces.

While a sprinkling of critics gave her a lukewarm reception, many spoke in praise of the actress, describing her performance as "compelling", gutsy" and "eminently watchable" .

Several other stars also joined the pundits watching the show.

Rachel McAdams made sure she had a seat at the production, as did newlyweds Claire Danes and fellow Brit Hugh Dancy, who both congratulated the leading lady in person afterwards.

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