New role for 'New Moon' heart-throb Robert Pattinson as upcoming trailer is released Smouldering on camera as he broodingly stares into the distance, Robert Pattinson could quite easily be mistaken for Edward Cullen in these new film stills.

But there is one big difference; this time round there are absolutely no vampires or werewolves in sight.

That's because the latest pictures of the British heart-throb – currently the hottest young actor on the movie circuit thanks to his role in Twilight – show him in a different light, in this upcoming romantic drama.

Remember Me stars 23-year-old Robert and Australian Lost actress Emilie de Ravin, 27, as two young lovers whose relationship is threatened by respective family tragedies.

They are joined by fellow cast-members Pierce Brosnan, who plays Robert's dad, and Oscar-winning American Beauty actor Chris Cooper.

Snippets from the trailer show the London-born talent breaking up a street fight only to find himself arrested. His father bails him out, but it's clear they have a strained relationship.

He then spots the daughter - played by Emile - of the policeman who booked him and the two begin a relationship.

It is not the first feature Rob – currently busy promoting the second instalment of the fantasy franchise, New Moon – has taken a starring part in since his breakthrough role in Twilight in 2008.

Earlier this year he was seen in Little Ashes, a Spanish-British drama film about the lives and loves of three young talents, including his character, artist Salvador Dali.


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