Britain's Got Talent: Bars and Melody and Lettice Rowbotham win fourth semi-final
Bars and Melody and Lettice Rowbotham have made it through to Britain's Got Talent final.

In the fourth semi-final of 2014 it took until the seventh act out of nine for the show to hit its stride, but surprisingly Irish dance act Innova made it through to the top three instead of fellow dance act Light Balance.

When it came down to the judge's vote, violinist Lettice Rowbotham was put through over Innova. Rap duo Bars and Melody won the public vote.

"I'm absolutetly so grateful, I appreciate this, I want to give you my everything", said Lettice.

The two acts will now perform during the final where the winner will be decided, and will go on to perform for the Queen at the annual Royal Variety Performance later in the year.

Lettice Rowbotham (top) and Bars and Melody (bottom)

Irish dance act Innova opened the show with a brilliant dance performance set to a medley of chart hits, and Alesha Dixon, Amanda Holden, and David Walliams agreed, although Simon Cowell called it  "fun, pleasant... it's not going to go anywhere".

Amanda was concerned that opera singing duo Kieran and Sarah had become to serious and lost some of what made them fun, while David called it "brilliantly entertaining".

Pyroterra, a fire act, drew mixed reviews with Amanda asking for more danger while Alesha though they had improved from the auditions.

Ant and Dec introduced their golden buzzer act Toju with the modest words "the greatest act in the world!" But the comedian took a while to win the audience over before finally gaining some cheers and claps with a few Michael Jackson jokes.

"It was way way better [than the audition]", said Simon, while comedian David said "I love your material... a brilliant piece of entertainment."

Eva Iglesias, a 40-year-old Tesco shop assistant sang And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going from Dreamgirls to wonderful praise from the judges, before DJ Allan Turner-Ward took to the stage to sing an original track that had hit number one in Austria, Germany and Holland 12 years ago. "A big big board of cheese!" Amanda called the performance.

Light Balance were the seventh act of the evening and the dancers and computer programmers put on an incredible performance using multi-coloured light silhouettes. Amanda enthused: "There is so much depth...  absolutely bloody brilliant!", while Simon added: "you may have rescued the show."

The Britain's Got Talent judges

Simon's golden buzzer act, young rap duo Bars and Melody, sang "I'll Be Missing You", the 1996 song by Puff Daddy, Faith Evans and 112, and won rave reviews across the board. "You are real, so likeable" said Simon, while David added that it was "a very beautiful performance."

Lettice Rowbotham played an "avant garde" violin performance to a mix of songs including Beyonce and Skrillex, and Amanda told her she hoped to see her again in the final on Saturday. 

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