Louise finds out the truth in Made in Chelsea


The drama continued on Monday as Made in Chelsea began with Proudlock explaining to Stevie and Alik that he was confused as to why Jamie was annoyed at him wanting to move in with Stevie.

"People change," said Alik as the boys agreed that Jamie was being unfair on Lucy’s love interest.

Enjoying a day of rowing in Windsor, Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews bumped into Lucy and Andy and discussed how Proudlock was continuing to lie to her about his interest in their relationship.


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Proudlock and Lucy have been dating for several months since filming in New York

Back in London, Rosie, Louise and Binky met up for a coffee to chat about Binky's first date with personal trainer, Will, that evening. However, the conversation quickly turned to Alik’s cheating rumours and a text message that he received off a girl.

"It doesn't make you a psycho if you ask to see," said Rosie, as the girls agreed that Louise should check the text message.

Later that night, Spencer and Jamie went for drinks with Binky’s ex-boyfriend, Alex, and told him that Binky was on a date with Will, much to Alex's annoyance.

Meanwhile, Binky and Will enjoy a night of champagne at the aquarium with Binky saying the date scored a "9 out of 10."

As the boys partied across town, the rest of the MIC cast enjoyed a girly dinner with HELLO! Online blogger, Lucy Watson’s sister, saying that she was interested in dating Louise’s brother, Sam.

"He's not really interested in that," said Louise, pointing out that he wanted to get to know girls rather than get into a relationship at the moment.

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Lucy's sister, Tiffany, said that she fancied Sam Thompson

Back on a night out with the boys, Andy warned Stevie that he might be compromising his friendship with Lucy by supporting Proudlock's flirty lifestyle.

Meanwhile, Lucy advised Louise to be careful of Alik's lies, as she said that the boys were "expert liars".

"Your gut always knows," said Lucy, to a concerned Louise.

The boys also chatted about the cheating rumours on their night out, with Jamie and Spencer saying that Proudlock was the "least reliable guy recently" with an irrate Alik getting increasingly more annoyed at the boys' accusations.

"Please don't blend your boy problems with my relationship," shouted Alik.

The next day, Andy popped round to Alik and Louise's house to drop over his guitar and ended up staying to jam with him.


The MIC boys were fighting over Jamie and Proudlock's housing situations
Across town, Stevie and Proudlock caught up over drinks and Stevie said it was hard being friends with both the Serge Denim designer and Lucy.

"Lucy's an amazing girl," said Proudlock before saying that the two should finally cool things off.

Over in Marylebone, Binky enjoyed afternoon tea with her sister, MIC NYC's Anna Louise, and her mother, Jane. Binky proceeded to tell her family about her date with Will and the girls seemed excited that she was finally getting over Alex.

"I quite like the slow build up because sometime it’ll last longer," her mother said, pointing out that casual dates with Will were the perfect way of moving forward.

Meanwhile, Louise returned home to find Alik and Andy playing the guitar before her American beau decided to serenade her.

"Such a sexy voice," joked Louise before Andy awkwardly walked out of the room as Louise asked her American boyfriend to see his text messages.

"I do feel like a deserve to see the texts," said Louise before Alik showed her the phone messages and showed that he hadn’t replied to the girl from the club.

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Louise didn't trust Alik and decided to call up the girl he allegedly cheated with

Still not satisfied, Louise decided to call the girl and was happy when she told her that she didn't kiss Alik.

"If you're not going to trust me then I don't want to do it," Alik said following the phone call.

At Will's party that night, polo playing George sat down for drinks with Lucy and Sophie, before George said that Victoria had called Sophie a "snake and a witch" following their falling out.

"Next time, give me the benefit of the doubt," said Alik.

Stevie said that he had been busy doing some “damage control” as the boys had been behaving like children recently before admitting that he was sorry that he hadn't been supportive enough for Lucy.

"I basically thought that we were on the same page," said Proudlock before Lucy pointed out that he shouldn’t have been cheating while they were dating.

"I should have played it better," admitted Proudlock as the couple agreed that they would be friends.

Proudlock then walked over to Jamie and Spencer and brought up the mean comments that his best friends had been saying behind his back. Jamie admitted that he was upset when he found out that they would no longer be living together but the friends made up.

"There was always going to have to be a point when you moved on without each other," said Spencer as Jamie and Proudlock made friends.

Enjoying his birthday, Will sat down to chat with Binky and was disappointed when she told him that she was enjoying the single life and didn’t want to pursue a romance with the trainer.

"You are such an amazing person," she said before Will admitted that he fancied her but would be happy remaining friends.

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Alik and Louise continue to date in London

As the dust settled between Jamie and Proudlock, Alik admitted to Spencer that he was annoyed at Louise’s suspicious behavior over his texts.

"It's going to get to a certain point where I'm going to run out of patience," he said.

Next week, the episode sees Stephanie Pratt move back to London, Alex and Binky meeting up and Louise needing to admit something to Alik.

Tune in next Monday on E4 on MIC to find out what happens.
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