The Apprentice 2014: Sneak peek inside episode six

Just 11 candidates remain in Lord Sugar's search for a new business partner. Following Jemma Bird's exit from The Apprentice last week, the two teams gear up to go head-to-head once again…

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The task – board games

The candidates are summoned to HMS Belfast where they are told by Lord Sugar that they must design a brand new board game, and then sell it to shops across London.

One team chooses a globe-trotting game for the whole family, while the other opts for a dating game for grown-ups. They then hit the streets of London in a bid to drum up sales for their products. With the pressure on, one contestant makes a deal that threatens to scupper the whole day's sales, and one team raises more than a few eyebrows with its controversial product…

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Top moments of episode six

- Project manager James getting confused about the rules to his own game

- Daniel describing his team's game as "quirky" when asked if the team were concerned some of the questions in their board game could be deemed offensive.

- Bianca promising exclusivity on her team's board game to a whole London borough, creating problems for future sales pitches.

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Best quotes

Mark on working with the rest of his team: "It's hard to fly like an eagle when you're surrounded by turkeys."

Daniel when asked in a pitch if their board game is sexist: "It's a quirky game… It will cause laugh out loud moments… We want you to go, 'Wow, what is this all about?'"

James on Bianca's sales technique: "I'm absolutely gobsmacked… I've been told that Bianca has offered exclusivity on six games to the area which we've got potential to some of the biggest retailers… Is she crazy?!"