The Apprentice 2014: Sneak peek inside episode 8

This week, the candidates have to try and crack the rural market as Lord Sugar continues his search for his new business partner. HELLO! Online takes a sneak peek at what's in store on episode eight of The Apprentice.

The task: Country show

Lord Sugar meets the candidates at Chiswick House to tell them the details of their next task – choosing products to sell at the Royal Bath and West show.

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Half of each team are sent to Somerset to pick out sure-fire day sellers, while the rest stay in London to seek out innovative products never before seen at the show. The candidates jostle for the right products – from pet trackers to hot tubs and flat-cap handbags – but a case of mistaken identity scuppers one deal, and one candidate's over-enthusiasm almost causes chaos.

Come the big day, the teams must battle to pull in sales. It isn't long before the mudslinging begins though, and there are ruffled feathers on both sides.

Back in the boardroom, the final sales figures are revealed and a shocking secret comes out. There are arguments and pleas for forgiveness, but in the end, the axe has to fall as one candidate is told, "You're Fired!"

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Top moments of episode eight

- Daniel's enthusiasm talking to traders about his and Katie's ability and "passion" to sell their products at the show.

- The teams competing to get the chance to sell hot tubs to the public as their "tried-and-tested" popular product.

- Daniel and Mark disagreeing about who Felipe should choose to sell their high-value item to the public.

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Best quotes

Solomon on James' decision not to take the sub-team's advice on which new products to choose: "James is an idiot, because he's literally mucked it up for us. We spent ages getting the information, getting the discounts, getting the really key facts that we needed. To me that's really bad."

Daniel pitching his team's salesmanship to traders: "Your brand looks like its passion, you really believe in it. We're infected by it, we feel the passion."

James and Roisin disagreeing about communication with their sub-team:
Roisin: "You can say whatever you want to say, but my advice would be to tell the truth."
James: "That might be your advice, but what do I want to do? At the end of the day, it's important what I want to do, isn't it."

Mark on whether he or Daniel should be selling their high-value item to the public: "Yes, Daniel secured the deal. However, I was not going to leave it in his hands to go and chance whether he can sell or not. We haven't seen it so far. You don't leave your prize pony in the stable at the end of the day."
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