I'm A Celebrity: Michael Buerk reveals his biggest regret in life

Former BBC presenter and I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here contestant Michael Buerk has been finding his time in the jungle tough, but in Wednesday's episode, the 68-year-old opened up on his biggest regret in life, not getting to know his father.

"I’ve only got one regret in my life and it was losing my mother before I was old enough to have a grown up conversation with her", Michael told his fellow campmates.

He then added: "My father was a bigamist and I didn't really know very much about him and if she had lived just a few more years I would have learned a great deal more."


Michael continued: "It was a complicated situation really, he was a Canadian army officer during the Second World War and he met my mother towards the end of the war and they obviously had a big thing and he married her and I was born but he neglected to point out he was already married and had a wife back in Vancouver."

During Wednesday's episode Michael, who has made a close but surprising bond with rapper Tinchy Stryder, took on a new adventure and was taught to rap by the 28-year-old singer.

"I know zero about rap, thought it was done by sinister looking men in hoods and shades", revealed Michael.


He asked Tinchy: "I don’t really like the sound of it, don’t understand it, there is no tune to it, is it all about style?" before Tinchy taught him about rhythm and flow, and then made Michael speak a line about himself to a beat.

I’m Michael and I’m real cool, stuck in the jungle, feel a real fool. My pants are red and I have no bed."

Michael took to the rap quickly, adding:
"Jimmy’s the name and football is his game. How about we dream of curry but we don’t mean Edwina; We’re keen on Kendra but wish she was cleaner?"

He later admitted that he didn't think Jay Z would be
"quaking in his hand tooled Gucci boots" but that he enjoyed his lesson with Tinchy.


Elsewhere in the episode, Kendra and Edwina formed a truce following their row on Sunday's episode, and after being chosen by the public, Kendra faced the Grim Gallery, eight masterpieces of art which she had to put her head through to obtain stars.

The stars though were guarded by jungle critters including snakes, cockroaches, scorpions, and spiders, and the US TV personality Kendra was only able to win one star.

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