X Factor's Alien Uncovered on their mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

After losing out in the sing-off, Alien Uncovered became the second act to leave The X Factor during Sunday's live show. But the six-piece girl group tell HELLO! Online that they are already in the studio recording their first single.

Speaking about their shock departure, member Shae, noticable for her bright blue hair, said they wouldn't have done anything differently, and believes it may take some time to win over the nation.

"We're quite different, we're very out there," she explained. "Maybe that's just something the British public weren't too ready for yet. We toned [the raunchiness] down as much as we could but I think we could only have done that really for that one week."


Alien Uncovered were the second act to leave The X Factor

But the girls don't have any regrets, revealing that they were proud to have left after their performance. Mentor Cheryl Fernandez-Versini had suggested they sing Hollaback Girl, but as the theme of the week was 'This Is Me' where the artists performed songs that represented them, the band requested it be changed to the Jessie J hit, Do It Like A Dude.

Speaking of their mentor, Alien Uncovered were full of praise, saying she understood their style, whilst member Frank added, "We're really lucky that we had her."

With only six weeks until the final, the girls are hoping 27-year-old Max Stone or fellow group Reggie n Bollie will be crowned the winners, as they are "the most genuine and fun guys" in the competition.

The girls are backing Reggie n Bollie

There is no sign of stopping for the girl group as they've revealed they have already gone back into the studio to record their debut single. The girls have kept tight-lipped on the details in order to surprise their loyal fans, but told HELLO!: "It’s definitely Alien, we didn't hold back on any raunchiness."

They plan to be chart-topping artists by this time next year, and want to live up to Simon Cowell's prediction that they could be one of the most successful bands around.

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's group don't want their musical journey to end

It's an ambitious plan, but the group explained that their uniqueness will help them on the way up. "The bands that are already out there aren't really like us. We respect what Little Mix are doing… but they're not Alien. There's definitely space for us to come out and change up the charts."

Alien Uncovered weren't the only contestants to leave The X Factor in the first week. In a shock double elimination twist Bupsi Brown was forced to leave the competition immediately, whilst Kiera Weathers found herself in the bottom two.