Downton Abbey in numbers: 1000 wigs, 400 costumes, 255 cast members

For the past six years cast and crew at Downton Abbey have gone to great lengths to make the drama must-see TV. Now, as the multi-award winning series comes to an end, take a look back at Downton in numbers.


Downton Abbey has broken several records in its six year run

Three: Golden Globes

Series one picked up the accolade for Best Miniseries or Television Film. Dame Maggie Smith scooped an award for Best Supporting Actress in series two followed by Joanne Froggat who picked up the same award in series four.

In total the show and its cast members have received ten Golden Globe nominations to date.

12: Primetime Emmy Awards

Since its creation, Downton Abbey has picked up at least one Emmy every year and racked up an impressive 52 nominations at the US ceremony to date.

The show has picked up awards for outstanding casting, directing and writing amongst other categories, as well as individual accolades for Dame Maggie.

One: Guinness World Record

In 2011 Downton Abbey made the record book with the highest cratings for any TV show.

It's the first time a British programme has held the title, which was previously shared by Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy and Modern Family.

250: The number of territories it is sold to

Not just a favourite amongst the Brits, Downton is watched all over the world. The series has some of the best international sales for a British programme and has closed deals in countries such as Australia, Germany, Spain and Sweden.

Duchess Kate, who is a fan of the show, visited the set earlier this year

255: Cast members

With a number of shocking deaths, births and returning characters, it's no wonder that so many actors have appeared in the series.

However, despite boasting an impressively large cast, just twelve characters have appeared in every single episode. They include: Robert, Lady Edith, Lady Mary, Cora, Violet and Isobel Crawley, and Charles Carson, Mrs. Hughes, Daisy Mason, Mrs Patmore and John and Anna Bates.

900: Crew members

With so many cast members, costumes and set pieces to take care of, a large crew is necessary in order to keep things running smoothly.

Just spare a thought for the Duchess of Cambridge who took the time to greet every single crew member on set when she visited the Downton Abbey cast.

790: Days spent filming

The cast and crew spent the majority of their time filming in chilly Highclere Castle in north Hampshire in order to get the footage required for the 52 episodes.

The series was one of the most widely-watched in the world

1000: Wigs worn by cast members

More than a thousand wigs were required to make the actors look the part – and that's only the figures for seasons five and six!

400: Costumes worn by cast members

The costume department went all out to ensure the characters in series five and six would look like they were in authentic Twenties clothing, creating hundreds of pieces for the cast to wear.

350: Sets designed

Although the majority of filming took place in Highclere Castle, the crew still designed hundreds of sets.

13: Years covered on the show

Downton Abbey has been praised for covering more than a decade through the course of the programme.

Series one covered the timespan between 1912–1914; series two looked at 1916–1919; series three took place between 1920 and 1921; series four showed 1922–1923; series five focused on 1924; and series six concluded with the span between 1925–1926.

11: Million viewers

Downton averaged 11 million viewers over the last five years, with the series four finale alone drawing in a phenomenal 10.5 million watchers.

DOWNTON ABBEY SERIES 6 is released on Blu-RayTM and DVD from 16 November 2015 from Universal Pictures (UK).