Great British Bake Off final: the stressful secrets of the grand finale

From a make-up ban to having cameras constantly in their faces, Great British Bake Off stars Candice, Jane and Andrew have a lot to deal with as they prepare for Wednesday night's exciting final.

Former GBBO star Holly Bell has revealed the pressure is really on once the final three go head-to-head, to bake against each other one last time. And the Bake Off finalist, who appeared on the show in 2011, says the added pressure of having several cameras on you at all times is enough to push you over the edge!

Holly Bell was a finalist in GBBO in 2011

Speaking exclusively to HELLO! Online, she said: "In the first week of the competition, there were eight cameras in the room for the 12 contestants. As the number of contestants decreased, the cameras remained – meaning you would have at least two cameras on you the entire time you were baking. It was very stressful."

"There would then be a producer in your ear asking if you were happy with what you were making. This always made me think, 'Oh no, what's wrong with it?'" she continued.

"It's really hard work. When you watch it at home and see bakers making silly mistakes you think, 'I wouldn't do that!' But in the final I forgot to put any flavouring in my Victoria sponge. Mary went to try it and said it was tasteless – and she was right! The stress gets to you."

"You have at least two cameras on you the entire time you were baking. It was very stressful," said Holly

Holly also revealed that despite the cameras, there was no time for vanity.

"You are not allowed to take make-up on set," she said. "You start off on the camera looking half decent but you end up sweating and with flour in your hair by the end of the day. Strangely, you don't really care, you just become obsessed with baking."


Jane, Candice and Andrew have made it to this year's GBBO final

Holly has no regrets from her time on the show and admitted that she went there for a career change – something that she has certainly managed to do.

"I wanted to be baking rather than working in advertising. Most people who go into Bake Off do have a bit of a plan, even if they say they don't!

"Since Bake Off I have been cooking all the time. I am really lucky that I have been working ever since. I have released two books and am currently working with Nutri Bullet and High Street TV."

Holly Bell is a brand ambassador for multi-channel retailer High Street TV’s range of kitchen products.  For more information visit