Find out why the Internet has gone into a frenzy over this Pointless answer

Emmy Griffiths

The Internet went into a frenzy after Pointless contestants Tasha and Jo randomly guessed footballer Henrik Larsson on the suggestion of Tasha's boyfriend, winning them a jackpot of £2,250.

The pair were originally unsure that the footballer was an answer at all, and looked amazed when it was revealed to be correct. After they successfully won the show by getting the Pointless answer, the girls' success was made even amazing when it was revealed that they had only chosen the Celtic footballer on the advice of Tasha's boyfriend, who told them to say his name if any football questions came up during the show. Tasha said: "Basically my boyfriend Alex is a massive Celtic supporter and he knows I'm rubbish with names so he said, 'Anything football-related, he's played for Man U he's played for Celtic and Barcelona. He just said, 'Go for Henrik Larsson' and it's paid off!"

Viewers were quick to discuss the contestants' incredible luck, with one writing: "Love that two girls just won the jackpot on Pointless cos one of their boyfriend's told them to just guess Henrik Larsson for any football question." Another added: "UNBELIEVABLE SCENES ON POINTLESS! If in doubt, say Henrik Larsson." Many fans of the show were calling it one of the best moments ever from the show. "Henrik Larsson might be the best ever #pointless winning answer ever," one wrote. "That Henrik Larsonn answer! And the story behind it! You can't make it up! #pointless," another tweeted. The official Pointless Twitter account also praised the girls' success, tweeting: "Yes! The girls beat the millennium bug, and Henrik Larsson wins them £2,250. Join us tomorrow for another #Pointless at 5:15pm on @BBCOne."