Watch Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams fly without wings in funny new trailer

Sharnaz Shahid

With only weeks to go before this year's series of The Jump launches, Channel 4 has released the first official trailer for the daredevil series. Featuring Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams, the celebrities can be seen flying through a stunning Alpine vista with Westlife's hit track Flying Without Wings playing in the background.

Other stars taking to the skies include Louis Smith, Jason Robinson, Lydia Bright and Josie Gibson, only to be brought back to Earth after they bump into an owl, a cameo played by actor Peter Serafinowicz.

The controversial Channel 4 show will return for its fourth series within the next few weeks following a safety standards review of the 2016 competition, which saw several contestants suffer severe injuries. Dan Watts, Creative Director, 4Creative said: "This year our celebs have been trained by the best, to such a standard that they are able to complete tasks in The Jump with confidence. So much confidence in fact, that it's gone to their head."

Meanwhile, presenter Davina McCall previously revealed on ITV's Lorraine that this year's celebrities will get a "sufficient amount of training" for the show to help reduce the number of casualties. "This year we've got them out for a very long period before they start filming," she confessed. "We're filming for two weeks non-stop as opposed to going live each week, so there is tonnes of training."


Spencer Matthews will appear in the new series of The Jump

Last year, Channel 4 released a statement about the show's safety, saying: "All events are planned with thorough health and safety procedures in place and the competitors' safety is always of upmost importance. There will always be an element of risk when competing in winter sports but all competitors undergo rigorous training and instruction with health and safety experts present. No competitor is cleared to take part unless the trainers deem their ability as proficient."

The Jump returns to Channel 4 on Saturday 5th February at 7.30pm.

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