Shows to watch if you like Homeland

Emmy Griffiths

Homeland has finally returned with its long-awaited season six, which follows former FBI agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) who is now working at a foundation in New York City. While we can't wait to watch the new series, instead of waiting impatiently for the latest instalment of the gripping thriller every Sunday we decided to look elsewhere for shows just like Homeland to fill up our evenings! Here're the shows you can try during the rest of the week…

The Americans

If you love shows about spies and secrets, this is most definitely one for you. Philip and Elizabeth Jennings are two Russian spies posing as a married American couple during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. The pair attempt to raise two children who have no idea about their parents' secret while attempting to serve their country without being discovered.

The show has aired on ITV and can be found on Amazon.

Breaking Bad

You might not agree with Nick Brodys' actions in Homeland, but the show strives to help you understand and empathise with him, no matter how in the wrong he is. This blurring of moral rights and wrongs is mirrored in Breaking Bad, where you root for Walter White (played by Bryan Cranston), a chemistry teacher who decides to cook and sell crystal meth to provide financial security for his family after he is diagnosed with cancer.

The whole series can be found on Netflix.


Hannibal probably takes the prize for unhealthy relationships, but Homeland comes a close second. While the second and third seasons of Hannibal focus on FBI agent Will Graham's (incidently played by Claire Danes' husband, Hugh Dancy) obsession with bringing down his former friend and psychiatrist Hannibal Lector, Homeland's Carrie similarly becomes unhealthily obsessed with proving Nick is a terrorist, resulting in her own downfall.

The Hannibal box set is available on Sky and NOW TV.


The show follows Alex Parrish, an FBI recruit who is suspected of terrorism after an attack. The show is the ultimate whodunit as Alex attempts to discover who is truly behind the terrorist attack after she is set up.

Quantico originally aired in the UK on Alibi, and can be found on Amazon

Man in the High Castle

In an alternative reality where Nazis won WWII, a woman named Juliana is given a film reel by her sister before her death which shows a future where the Nazis were defeated. With no one to trust and nowhere to turn, Juliana becomes embroiled in a rebellion against the totalitarian state. The show is especially good as viewers are never quite sure who to trust, leading to some seriously surprising twists done the line!

The two series can be streamed on Amazon Video

The Missing

Much like Nick's family in Homeland, the second series of The Missing follows the uncertainty of detectives and the family of a girl who reappears after 11 years claiming to be their daughter. The constant not knowing of the true identity of 'Alice' had viewers on their toes, just like Nick's true intentions in Homeland.

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