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Justin Timberlake reveals the one thing he likes more than donuts!


Justin Timberlake has revealed that his biggest passion in life is, of course, his loved ones! Preparing for the DVD release of family movie Trolls, the 36-year-old star said his wife Jessica Biel and their son 22-month-old son Silas - as well as donuts - are the things that make him happy. "For me the top thing is family - my wife and son and then right under that, donuts," he confessed during a recent Q&A session.

Trolls stars Justin and fellow Hollywood actor Anna Kendrick, and is based on Anna's character who goes on a quest to prevent a species called the Bergens from destroying all the residents in her village. Justin, who voiced the character of Branch, was the Executive Producer of the animation's sound track. He produced the smash hit song Can't Stop the Feeling, which went on to score an Oscar nomination. Speaking about the challenges he faced with the track, he added: "I think the biggest challenge was Can't Stop the Feeling, because I have never written a song that is specifically for a scene in a movie before - where a song services the characters and is used to move the plot forward."


Justin Timberlake has opened up about the passions in his life

"The other challenge was to make sure that everything sounded both good and cohesive because we have True Colours, The Sound of Silence, we have September and we have Lionel Richie's Hello - luckily, all songs that are in and around the same fifteen years or so years of time," he added. "When the movie was described to me at the first pitch, I saw it as the animated version of an ABBA video. I immediately thought of disco, which meant I immediately thought of the Brothers Gibb and Bill Withers and music that came from that era. Music that just made you feel really good. I think people like to dismiss disco music as disposable, but The Bee Gees wrote some of the greatest songs ever."

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When quizzed about his character Branch, the grumpiest troll in the kingdom, Justin revealed there were some similarities between them. He explained: "I would say that I am like Branch every day for the first hour that I am awake and I don't have coffee in my system." At this year's Oscars, Can't Stop The Feeling! will face stiff competition against Audition (The Fools Who Dream) and City Of Stars from La La Land, The Empty Chair from Jim: The James Foley Story and How Far I'll Go from Moana. The song unfortunately missed out on a Golden Globe Award last month.

DreamWorks Troll’s is available on Blu-ray and DVD now courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

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