Rachel Riley's Strictly boyfriend Pasha Kovalev makes guest appearance on Countdown

Countdown presenter Rachel Riley was left a little red-faced after her boyfriend and Strictly Come Dancing star Pasha Kovalev spelt out a rude work during a recent episode of the daytime show. From the nine-letter jumble "MEPHALSUL" the professional dancer spelt the word "phallus" after a contestant mistakenly thought they had found "phlegms". There was an awkward silence until host Nick Hewer remarked: "Sorry, I was just a bit stunned for a second there!"

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Pasha, 37, and Rachel, 30, met when they were paired together on Strictly in 2013, while she was still married to her university sweetheart Jamie Gilbert, whom she wed in August 2012. Following her appearance on Strictly, the TV star announced that she and Jamie were separating - although she has always insisted that Pasha was not the reason for their split. In March, Rachel revealed that she was learning Russian to help her communicate with her boyfriend's family. She told Daily Mail: "His mum doesn't speak English, and his brother isn't that confident speaking it - the first time I met them all I couldn't understand a word. It's a bit unnerving. But now when he Skypes his mother in Siberia I can say a few words, or work out what they're talking about."

Rachel Riley was left surprised after boyfriend Pasha Kovalev spelt out a rude word on Countdown

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Speaking about her relationship with the dancer, Rachel - who lives with Pasha in London - previously told HELLO! Online: "I think it's up to the individual couple. You have to work out what's good for you. I think talking is good. Pasha and I are both quite chilled and quite independent. We can go off and do our own things but then we also really look forward to seeing each other when we get the chance." She continued: "Our schedules don't cross so when we do see each other it's planned… When we do get some time off we just chill - go out for dinner or watch a film."