Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom surprise Pirates of the Caribbean fans by setting sail to Disneyland Paris

The stars of Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge held the European premiere at the Disney resort

Johnny Depp continued his surprising Pirates of the Caribbean tour on Sunday when he joined cast members including Orlando Bloom, Javier Bardem and Geoffrey Rush for a red carpet event at Disneyland Paris. Crowds of fans gathered to see their favourite filmstars for the European premiere of Salazar's Revenge, the latest film in the swashbuckling franchise, with the iconic Disney castle as a perfect backdrop.

Johnny, who has been shocking Disney park-goers with a series of events to promote the film – including dressing in full Jack Sparrow costume and hiding himself on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in California last month – disembarked from a Spanish Galleon docked by the castle to tell press how excited he is to come back for the fifth instalment.

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Watch interviews with Johnny, Orlando and Javier at the Disneyland Paris premiere

"It's endless fun. He's a really fun character to play because I'm allowed to be as irreverent as I want," he said, adding it was especially fun to work with his on-screen 'frenemy' Geoffrey again. "Each time out it's always something new between Geoffrey and I. Geoffrey's character Barbosa and mine, they're like a husband and wife team that just sort of bicker at each other."

Fans have been particularly excited by the return of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley in the film, in cinemas from 26 May. "I have such fond memories of making the first three films, they were such an important part of my career and my life, really," said Orlando. "[My character] bookends the film, sending my son off on a journey to do what I did through the first three films, which is to reconnect and mirror that father-son story.

"The first movie was arguably one of the favourites and I think people will respond similarly to this film," he continued. "I think this will bring back some of that similar narrative from the first film and excite the imagination in that way. With a simpler story but all the amazing visual effects – and Johnny doing what Johnny does so well."

Newcomer Javier Bardem – whose wife Penelope Cruz starred in the last film – plays the villainous Salazar, and said he was not surprised by how much fun he had on set. "Facing Jack Sparrow was fun. Sometimes I was watching Johnny doing it and I lost my lines because I enjoyed watching him so much... I think the quality of the movies is pretty amazing, also the talent involved. Geoffrey Rush, Orlando, Johnny: to work with those guys is to work with some of the best actors out there, so as they say it's a no brainer," he said of his castmates.

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