Reese Witherspoon Ellen DeGeneres show

Reese Witherspoon brings her mother on the Ellen DeGeneres show as she discusses Big Little Lies

The Legally Blonde actress opened up about her new show Big Little Lies

Sharnaz Shahid

Reese Witherspoon made sure her number one fan was with her when she discussed her latest show, Big Little Lies, on Wednesday's upcoming episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The 41-year-old brought her mother, Betty Reese, to the filming as she opened up about the inappropriate texts she received from her mum after watching the popular HBO drama. Recalling the moment she shared a snapshot of her mother's message on Instagram, Reese explained how her mum enjoyed the intimate scenes. "When she said, 'I'm watching Big Little Lies.' I was like, 'Oh did you like it?' She just replied, 'Yes, there was a lot of...'," she revealed to a rapturous applause from the audience.


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The mother-of-three also hinted that a second series of Big Little Lies is on the cards, the show which she also co-produced alongside Nicole Kidman. She explained: "We hope so. I mean, I feel like it's - Nicole and I produced as well, so we've been talking to the writer, Liane Moriarty, who wrote the book, about just new ideas of what these characters could do." She added: "But it seems like people just love the characters, so hopefully we can go on."


Reese Witherspoon on the Ellen DeGeneres show to talk about Big Little Lies

Reese plays wealthy mother Madeline Martha Mackenzie in the gritty drama, which also stars Shailene Woodley and Alexander Skarsgård as well as Laura Dern and Zoë Kravitz. The story follows three mothers who have children in the same class at school but who conflict with the other mums. The tension between the parents slowly grows until a murder is committed.

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