Steps tease chat show host Lorraine with throwback photo from 20 years ago

Steps reunited earlier this year and have released a new album

Sharnaz Shahid

They were forced to watch old footage of themselves on Thursday's Lorraine, but Steps decided to get their own back by sharing an old picture of the chat show host from 20 years ago. Bursting into fits of laughter, Lorraine Kelly was surprised to see an image of herself crop up on the screen, to which she quipped: "Can I just say, I think we all look better 20 years on. Just saying!"


Steps teased chat show host Lorraine by sharing a throwback photo from 20 years ago 

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"We'll take that," joked Lisa Scott Lee, while Ian 'H' Watkins teased: "We spared no expense there!" The beloved nineties pop group were in the studio to celebrate the release of their fifth album, Tears On The Dancefloor. The group, also comprised of Faye Tozer, Claire Richards and Lee Latchford-Evans, have been on a busy promotional trail with their comeback single Scared Of The Dark since they reunited earlier this year. They have also collaborated with ABBA's very own Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson for a single on the new album.


Steps reunited earlier this year and have released a new album

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Speaking about their return to the limelight, H explained: "It's nice to be welcomed back with open arms." Claire added: "It's 20 years, and I feel like we've got the benefit of hindsight now. We did it 20 years ago and we had a great time and now we're back and know the things to do and not to do." The band also discussed what they have in store for their upcoming tour, which kicks off in autumn this year. "We'll try and put in as many previous hits as possible," shared Faye. "We've been asking people what they want to hear."

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