Everything you need to know about The Great British Bake Off's Liam

Find out more about Liam Charles AKA 'Cake boy'!

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Now that the competition is well and truly heating up on The Great British Bake Off, it's time to find out more about the show's leading contestants - starting with fan favourite Liam! Here's everything you need to know about the youngest baker in the tent…

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Liam shone in caramel week 

Liam Charles is a drama student as Goldsmiths University (where all the students all drink Chai Lattes, according to the man himself!). Aged just 19, he is the youngest baker in the tent, and only started baking four years ago. According to GBBO's official website, Liam's ambition is to make baking popular among people his own age and the younger generation. As such, he bakes with his two nephews (aged 11 and five).


The Hackney-born baker was already a huge fan of Bake Off before becoming a contestant, telling the Radio Times: "I am such a massive fan and so every time I watched it, if they made cakes, I would then go and bake cakes. Biscuit week for them – it would be the same for me!"

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Liam is the youngest baker in the tent

Despite his love of baking, Liam has admitted that he would much rather bake cakes than bread. He said: "I love cakes so much because it is a 'go to' bake. It isn't that stressful and everyone loves a cake. Anything with caramel in and I am right down there." Indeed, Liam's most successful week was almost certainly caramel week, where he narrowly missed being made Star Baker for the first time after impressing judges with his Tetris-themed shortbread, coming third place in the technical and creating an incredible White Chocolate & Ginger showstopper.

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He regularly shares his creations on Instagram

Liam was worried about being asked to leave the tent after pudding week proved to be especially difficult, and he failed to impress the judges with an unset trifle terrine. Frustrated by his botched attempt, Liam break down in tears when his dessert didn't go to plan - much to his fans' dismay. Taking to Twitter to discuss the episode, Liam wrote: "No hiding that was a roller coaster. But hey, just have to pick myself up for next week!!. 'Roll' on the pastry!!" Liam also has an Instagram account where he posts many of his amazing creations, and has over 6,000 followers.

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