Michelle Keegan teases Our Girl plot ahead of series 3 return: 'It's been physically demanding'

Our Girl returns to the BBC in October

Sharnaz Shahid

Corporal Georgie Lane is back! Michelle Keegan has opened up about the upcoming storyline in Our Girl ahead of its return on the BBC next month. The third series will follow army medic Georgie's trip to Nepal following a devastating earthquake in the region, and will see her act as a mentor to young private Maisie Richards, played by Shalom Brune-Franklin. Sharing some details, Michelle revealed that this series was definitely "more physically demanding" to shoot. "We did bootcamp just like last year and we did it in Sandhurst and South Africa," she explained.


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"We work alongside people who are in the Army and it's about getting us in the mindset of being back in the Army, running drills, how to hold a weapon, discipline, all about your kit and a lot of medical skills. I've learnt so much. I know how to use a tourniquet, a bandage, I know how to stitch, how to do CPR and a lot of technical bits too." The 30-year-old recalled that at one point she was "covered in bruises" after working on some stunts. "It's been a lot more physically demanding than the first one definitely," she continued. "There are a lot more stunts involved, more Army-based scenes and a lot more running which I'm not very good at! I've had to learn how to run like I'm in the Army - nightmare!"


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Co-star Luke Pasqualino will return as Special Forces Officer Elvis Harte - Georgie's love interest and ex-fiancé - while Ben Aldridge, who is best known for Fleabag and Lark Rise to Candleford, will reprise his role as Captain James. Writing in her popular weekly blog for HELLO! Online, Michelle recently discussed her preparations for the role, telling fans: "I have been learning so much about army life and I have been embracing it all. I've learnt how to hold and fire a gun which felt amazing – serious adrenaline rush, and by the way, they are really loud! I have also learned to pack a medical kit and how to extract a casualty to safety." Our Girl will return to BBC One on Tuesday 10th October at 9pm.

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