Top Netflix TV shows and films to watch this Halloween

Make sure you sleep with the lights on after watching these Halloween flicks!

Emmy Griffiths

Stranger Things 2

The long-awaited Stranger Things 2 will arrive on Netflix just before Halloween, giving fans the perfect opportunity to be spooked by the terrifying occurrences in the town of Hawkins. Season two sees Will return from the Upside Down and attempt to come to terms with his ordeal, along with his friends, Mike, Dustin and Lucas. The sequel is much darker and scarier than the original, making it the perfect choice for binge-watching chills!


Stranger Things is back with a second series

Gerald's Game

Stephen King's novel about a woman who is left handcuffed to a bed in the middle of nowhere has been adapted for Netflix, and everything from its disturbing premise, to Carla Gugino's career-defining performance, has been praised by critics. Much like Stephen King's most famous horror, The Shining, this one will definitely have you leaving the lights on!


Gerald's Game follows a game gone wrong

Hotel Transylvania

For those who definitely don't enjoy a truly scary horror, we've got you covered. Hotel Transylvania is an adorable (but still Halloween-worthy) animation in which Count Dracula owns a hotel where monsters can stay for a well-earned break. Chaos breaks out when a human comes to stay at the hotel, and Dracula's daughter Mavis falls in love with him.


The Woman in Black

Daniel Radcliffe steps away from the boy wizard to play a young father who is sent to a haunted house to sort out the affairs of a recently deceased widow. The nearby town speak of a ghost who haunts the house, and every time she is seen, a child dies. Trust us, this one will most definitely have you jumping out of your seat.


Daniel Radcliffe stars in this gothic horror 

The Cabin in the Woods

Joss Whedon has taken a classic horror and turned it on its head for satirical scare The Cabin in the Woods. After a group of teenagers go away to enjoy a weekend at a remote cabin, they are hunted by an unknown horror – but all is not as it may seem.


Cabin in the Woods turns the horror genre on its head

American Horror Story

The first six seasons of the incredibly successful TV show is currently available on Netflix, and each season focuses on a classic horror troupe, while using the same actors to play new characters each time. Highlights include Asylum, Cover and Freak Show, and there is most certainly enough there to keep you binge-watching throughout the whole week of Halloween.


Six seasons of AHS are available on Netflix

The Babysitter

A 12-year-old boy, Cole, is shocked to discover that his babysitter is part of a demonic cult in this comedic horror. Certain that his babysitter, Bee, is determined to kill him, Cole calls the police, leading to disastrous consequences. This fun (but gruesome) horror is new to Netflix this October, so give it a try!


The Descent

Claustrophobics, look away NOW! This heart-pounding horror follows a group of women on a caving adventure, who get stuck underground when part of their passage collapses, leaving them trapped and without any chance of rescue. And to make matters worse, they are not alone down there…


The Descent follows a group of women trapped underground


A deaf and mute woman, Maddie, is hunted by a serial killer who murders her neighbour before planning to make her his next victim. This begins a cat and mouse game between the pair, and a disturbing race against time for Maddie to escape while being unable to rely on her hearing. This one will definitely have you hiding behind a cushion... you have been warned!


The Amityville Horror

Starring Ryan Reynolds and a young Chloe Moretz, this classic horror follows a family who move into a haunted house in which several children were murdered. This is the perfect haunted house flick to truly get spooked out with on Halloween, so settle down with some popcorn and prepare to be scared silly!


Ryan Reynolds stars in this haunted house classic