Video: Cornish Shortbread, biscuit babies and ‘wheelie wagons’ - The Great British Bake Off returns


Philip Josse

The first episode of the eighth series of The Great British Bake Off aired last night on Channel 4, and fans were not disappointed. This year's bakers, which include a blood courier, a stay at home dad and a DJ, kicked off the 2018 series by making 24 regionally themed biscuits, which lead to the creation of mashups such as Cornish shortbread and Yorkshire lime ginger nuts. The technical challenge involved making wagon wheels, the popular playground treat which proved surprisingly challenging. Finally for the first showstopper of the year, the bakers attempted to make a three dimensional selfie constructed entirely out of biscuit. Terry impressed and horrified in equal measures with his death mask slash impressionist masterpiece, and French software manager Manon became this year's first star baker. See the full roundup in our video below.


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