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Nothing on TV? If our top picks for this week's TV schedule aren't to your taste, why not try bingewatching our top picks for streaming television? Now that people are staying indoors a little more thanks to the autumnal weather, Netflix, Amazon Prime and NOW TV have pulled out all of the stops for your viewing pleasure – from heartfelt rom-coms to the latest instalment from your favourite action hero, but which one should you watch? See our favourite choices here…

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan: Out now on Amazon Prime

The Office star John Krasinski turns action hero in this adaptation of the bestselling novels in the 'Ryanverse'. In the show, CIA analyst Jack Ryan accidentally discovers a series of bank transfers that puts him in the middle of danger, and the only man able to stop a rising terrorist threat. The show already has four and a half stars by viewers, so expect a thrill ride!


The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair: 04/09 on NOW TV

One of NOW TV's top picks is this murder mystery, which stars Grey's Anatomy's Patrick Dempsey as a disgraced professor who is accused of murdering a 15-year-old girl, Nola Kellergan, who went missing decades earlier. Told in a series of flashbacks, the story revealed just what happened to her, and whether Harry in indeed guilty.

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Atypical season 2: 07/09 on Netflix

A coming-of-age tale which follows Sam, an autistic teenager, and his family as he tries to find his own independence and they struggle with finding a balance between letting him grow up and keeping him safe. Jennifer Jason Leigh is simply amazing as the mum of the family, Elsa, and since season one was praised by critics, season two is most definitely worth a look in.


Cable Girls season 3: 07/09 on Netflix

Since the season two finale of Cable Girls was a cliffhanger with SO MANY unanswered questions, season three is likely to be the most anticipated series yet, as it is revealed whether Alba lost her unborn child, Angeles managed to escape the city after confession to her murder of her husband, and the fate of Carlota's partner, Miguel.

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Marvel's Iron Fist season 2: 07/09 on Netflix

Finn Jones is back as the billionaire Danny Rand AKA the immortal Iron Fist, who is hellbent on protecting the streets of New York City, but faces an enemy in the form of his former friend, Davos, who trained with him and grew jealous when he became the Iron Fist. As part of Marvel's cinematic universe, it might be worth catching up with The Defenders and Luke Cage season two before tuning in to be completely up to speed, you have been warned!


Sierra Burgess is a Loser: 07/09 on Netflix

Sierra Burgess tells the story of an unpopular girl at school who is accidentally messaged by the best looking guy at the school (fans of To All the Boys I've Loved Before will recognise Noah Centineo as Jamey). The two hit it off while messaging each other and speaking over the phone, but will Sierra has the bravery to tell him who she really is?

American Horror Story: Cult: 08/09 on Netflix

The seventh series of the popular anthology series is coming to Netflix! The season focuses on the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, where Ally Mayfair-Richards devastation by Donald Trump's victory leads her other phobias to be triggered, leading her to become terrorised by people in clown masks – but is it even really happening?

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