Where have you seen Jodie Comer before? Find out everything you need to know about the Killing Eve star

Jodie Comer's filmography includes Doctor Foster, The White Princess and Thirteen

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The first episode of the BBC America smash hit show Killing Eve will air for the very first time in the UK on Saturday (with the entire series also released on BBC iPlayer for our binging pleasure), and we suspect that the show's sociopathic villain, aptly named Villanelle, will fast become a fan favourite. The role is played by Jodie Comer, and here's everything you need to know about the 25-year-old actress…

Where you have seen her before?

The Liverpool-based star has an impressive array of television roles under her belt, and is known perhaps most notably for her role as Kate Parks, the 'other woman' in the hit drama, Doctor Foster. She found fame in the popular Channel 4 show, My Mad Fat Diary, where she plays Rae's popular but self-conscious friend Chloe, and Ivy Moxam in Thirteen, a 26-year-old woman who escapes captivity after being kept in a cellar for 13 years. She also played Elizabeth of York in The White Princess.

Jodie as Kate in Doctor Foster

Killing Eve

Jodie plays Villanelle in Killing Eve, a sociopathic assassin who becomes slowly obsessed with Eve, the MI5 agent tasked in bringing her down. Speaking about the role, Jodie told TV Times: "It's so much fun! Villanelle's such a free-spirit; she does what she wants and there are not many consequences for her and, if there were, she doesn't really care anyway. I just found myself doing lots of outrageous things and getting away with it. I can be quite a self-conscious person but Villanelle doesn't have an ounce of that!"

Jodie plays Villanelle in Killing Eve

Fleabag star Phoebe Waller-Bridge adapted the novel for the TV series, and told Rolling Stone that she imagined "an impish, hilarious, predatory, fearless, childish, terrifying, upbeat, murderous rascal" as Villanelle, adding: "But then Jodie Comer walked in and any image I had of Villanelle before simply vanished. She didn't so much run with the character as shoot off into space with her."

Jodie stars alongside Sandra Oh

Who else stars in Killing Eve?

Grey's Anatomy fans will be delighted to see the incredible Sandra Oh up front and centre as Eve, the mild-mannered, slightly awkward yet passionate MI5 worker who becomes obsessed with Villanelle. Harry Potter's Fiona Shaw stars as the socially awkward Carolyn Martens, while The Bridge fans will recognise Kim Bodnia as Villanelle's manager and father figure, Konstantin.

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