Danny John Jules in Strictly

Strictly's Danny John-Jules shares real reason behind leaving Death in Paradise

Danny John-Jules is now performing on Strictly Come Dancing

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Danny John-Jules has opened up about leaving Death in Paradise, and revealed that he exited the show for one very good reason – because he missed performing on stage! The actor, who played Officer Dwayne Myers in the series since 2011, told TV Times: "I left Death in Paradise because I wanted to get back on stage. I needed a bit more razzmatazz in my life, and then along came Strictly!"


Danny opened up about leaving the show

Speaking about the experience on Strictly Come Dancing so far, he continued: "I haven't done a [stage] show for more than 20 years, so this is as close as I'm going to get to doing the jazz hands again. I've also been working on my one-man show about Sammy Davis Jnr, that's why I'm always wearing a bowler hat!" Danny also revealed that he'd like to return to the Death in Paradise world, but in a spin-off show based on his character" He said: "I have an idea, but I just need to meet up with the producer, Tony Jordan, to touch base and run it past him."

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Shyko Amos has filled Danny's spot at Saint Marie police station as Officer Ruby Patterson, the niece of Saint Marie's police commissioner Selwyn Patterson. Speaking about joining the show in season eight, she said: "There is nothing quite like Death in Paradise on TV and it hasn't quite sunk in yet that I've joined such a massively popular show. It's given me a butterfly or two but I'm very excited," actress Shyko said of her new role. "Officer Ruby Patterson is a bundle of joy! I am very excited for Death in Paradise viewers to experience her as the new member of the already amazing law enforcement team of Saint Marie."

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