Could JP Hooper be the next character to leave Death in Paradise?

Not Officer Hooper!

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Thanks to the high cast turnover of Death in Paradise, Tobi Bakare, who plays Officer JP Hooper, is one of the longest-running cast members of the hit show after having starred in it since 2015. But how much longer will JP be hanging around St. Marie? Chatting to HELLO!, Tobi revealed that his circumstances have changed since beginning the show, explaining: "The show has been a big journey for me. I was engaged when I started the show, now I am married with two kids. It's been a big journey - a lot has happened in those years."


Tobi opened up about the show

Since former Death in Paradise stars Kris Marshall and Ben Miller both bowed out of the series after filming for six months in the Caribbean became too complicated with family commitments, could Tobi do the same? According to the star, fans don't have anything to worry about – for now! He said: "Am I bored of the show? No because I'm still going, my character can do more. I'm excited to see where the character is going to go next and where the show will go next." He also opened up about how he balancing his young family with his work, explaining: "[It's] dependent on different things - when my wife was pregnant she was staying in London. Five days after my son was born I had to fly to the Caribbean [so] my wife flew out for the last half of the show. I'm very much involved in the decision making with my kids whether I am absent or present."

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Josephine Jobert was the latest person to leave the series after spending five years on the show. Speaking about her departure, she said: "Just a message to just say thank you and goodbye. For those who watched episode six you now know I'm leaving Death in Paradise. I quit the show for personal and professional reasons - nothing dramatic I swear! Everything is fine it's just that I've been working on Death in Paradise for five years... I loved every minute every minute of it. I'm going to miss the show, I'm going to miss Toby and Ardal and Shyko and everyone so it's been a tough decision, but that's life."

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