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Married at First Sight UK- where are the couples now?

How many of the couples are still in love...

Chloe Ash

With the hit Channel 4 show Married at First Sight UK hitting our screens again on Wednesday evening, HELLO! have looked at the couples who have participated in the show in the past and wondered - where are they now? The programme is a romantic reality experiment where experts select couples that they believe are compatible and invite them to walk down the aisle, which will be the first time they will see their partner. Compatibility is judged based on a hair-strand test that measures cortisol levels which is used as an indicator of how people will react to different situations and personality analysis through hormone tests and individual interviews. Series 4 will air at 9pm, with four hour-long episodes.

Ben and Stephanie

Property developer Ben and police offer Stephanie appeared to be a match made in heaven as Stephanie giggled down the aisle into the arms of Ben on their wedding day. Writing for Bella in 2018, Ben explained that: "On our honeymoon the chemistry was undeniable. But the honeymoon wasn't reality. We were living in a bubble that soon popped once we returned to real life." There were high hopes that the couple would make their marriage work after sparks flew on their honeymoon, but Ben explained that he "just didn’t fancy her" and found the marriage a "chore."

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In August last year, just as Ben was about to enter the Celebrity Big Brother house, he announced that he was expecting a baby with an unnamed individual. Stephanie took to Instagram in late August 2018 to talk about an interview Ben had done earlier in the year with FUBAR Radio: "I started to shake as I opened my phone and clicked on a link someone had sent. There was my husband sitting there laughing and joking about how he had cheated on me and we were getting divorced." The 32-year-old explained that she found out through this interview that Ben wanted a divorce, but both have differing opinions on what happened. Ben has recently posted a photo with his daughter, Siena Grace, on Instagram, captioning the post "My little world", so it seems that the door has finally closed on his marriage with Stephanie.


Ben is a property developer

Sara and Adam

The couple fell out on their honeymoon, when Adam drank too much wine, but the newlyweds attempted to give their marriage a go with Sara even moving in to Adam's flat eight weeks after they first met. Sara explained that: "I think that science matches the compatibility between us; what the science can't match or can't create is the chemistry." A totally valid point!

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The new series will start on Wednesday evening

Lucie and Steve

Lucie and Steve are best known for their hilarious Game of Thrones chat after they got married in Season two, but six weeks after Lucie made the decision that they should just be friends instead.

Richard and Harriet

Richard and Harriet were a stand out couple from the last series, when it seemed that Richard was putting in more effort to make the relationship work, organising date nights despite his anti-social hours as a police sergeant. Financial adviser Harriet had been single for five years due to commitments with work. The couple admitted that they were going to call time on their marriage, even though Richard was keen to try and make things work. It seemed clear that Harriet was confident the spark was never present.

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Melissa and Clark

This couple were a firm favourite of series two, the pair were married in June 2016 amongst their family and friends, but sadly divorced in September 2016. Clark spoke to Cosmopolitan in February 2018, two years after he became a married man, to speak about his time on the show, explaining that: "They asked me in the questionnaire to define 'my type', and you have to detail the height you like, body type, tattoos, all these sorts of things. I put high on my criteria that they had to be at least 5ft 5 to 6ft, and Melissa is 5ft. I’m 6ft3. So I did feel like they hadn’t really matched us on my criteria. We both think we were matched with other people before and they pulled out half way through the process. We spoke about it, I genuinely believe that’s the case." Clark also explained that you had to be married for a year before you can apply for a divorce. It seems that the couple gave it their all, but they simply weren't meant to be!


Clark took part in series two

Caroline and Adam

This couple, who were married on the 2016 series of Married at First Sight, were the last remaining couple willing to give their marriage a go once the season had ended. However, the pair had difficulties over living arrangements in the last episodes of the series, when it was discussed that Adam was stuck in Bournemouth with his job as a train manager and Caroline was based in London. In December 2016, Caroline revealed on Instagram via a comment that they had decided to go their separate ways.

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