Line of Duty season five episode one: LIVE UPDATES

We're so happy to be back with AC-12!

We've been waiting for Line of Duty season five to drop for nearly two years – and it is finally here! Sunday night's episode will see the return of our favourite AC-12 team of Steve Arnott and Kate Fleming and their boss, DCI Ted Hastings, as they follow the letter of the law (the LETTER!), to uncover the dodgy dealings of their fellow officers. Since season four uncovered a huge network of corrupt officers led by a higher ranking officer known only as 'H', it sets the stage for a busy time for Anti-Corruption Unit 12 – especially since it is becoming increasingly evident that DCI Hastings may or may not be trustworthy. So what are you waiting for? Settle in to watch Line of Duty on BBC One at 9pm, and join us here as we discuss the episode as it plays out…



And so it begins... 


It's been less than three minutes and we're already sweating.

So the whole terrified mother while a trapped baby thing was a terrible decoy, and now all of the balaclava men we've heard so much about have taken control of the police convoy. Thing is, the fake mother can't quite bring herself to murder a police officer. In a very Narcissa Malfoy move, she pretends the officer is dead and they make a run for it.

Does this remind anyone of Lindsay Denton's own disastrous convoy hijack? How often does this HAPPEN?


It's the gang! Steve Arnott doesn't have crutches anymore and has a really handsome beard! Kate has been promoted to Detective Inspector and Steve is calling her 'ma'am'. But wasn't he supposed to have been promoted to Detective Inspector? We sense tension. 

Ohhh she's onto you Maneet! 

This guy couldn't look more shifty than if he was wearing a fake moustache and glasses set. OH AND HE'S OFF. 

The first arrest of season five! Drinks all round! But oh, Steve's back is still giving him trouble, probably from that pesky incident in season four when a balaclava man threw him down three flights of stairs. 

Fun fact! Steve's Tinder date 'Tina' is actually Martin Compston's real life wife, naww! 

So if we're following this right (and we're probably not, because live blog), but the woman who saved Jane from the convoy attack is actually an undercover police officer who is so far deep into the operation that AC-12 can't even speak to her... right? 

They're meeting Slater for a trade, but Lisa isn't too pleased because Lisa is a nice police officer. But now she has to prove herself. NOT a fan of this John fella. 

If you like a FUN FACT, this one is brilliant 


Ohhhh she might be an undercover officer with shaky hands, but she knows what she's doing! But John's still not impressed. THIS GUY. 

Anyone else REALLY feeling for poor Maneet? Someone give her a tissue for heavens sake! 

Oh so Hastings is certain that Hilton was the one pulling the strings all along and is putting money behind the bar to celebrate? Where's this money coming from Ted? IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME? 

You fell down some stairs... in prison... 

Why are they going into so much detail about Hastings personal life and that he's behind on paying his hotel fees and that the toilet is broken and that he has divorce papers? I do not like this one bit friends. 


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