Midsomer Murders: Meet the cast of the popular detective drama

Meet the cast of Midsomer Murders...

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Midsomer Murders has aired on ITV since 1997, and so it's hardly surprising that the cast has changed consistently over the last 22 years! Although the series began with John Nettles as the head detective who has to deal with an unusually high rate of murders for a sleep village, Tom Barnaby, he was eventually replaced by a new Inspector, John Barnaby! Find out everything you need to know about the cast of Midsomer Murders here…

DCI John Barnaby – Neil Dudgeon

John Nettles decided to leave the role in 2011, telling The Telegraph: "I never thought when we were filming the pilot The Killings at Badger's Drift in 1996 that I would go on to film so many episodes. It has been a joy to be involved in such a long-running series with so many good actors and great storylines. It's the end of an era for me."

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Luckily for viewers, Neil was there to assume the mantel. Speaking about the series, he told Digital Spy: "It can be so varied. It can vary tonally. You've got a different setting every week. You've got a largely different cast every week. You can have a darker episode, a more serious episode. You can change everything about it. It can be more comedic. It can be more horror. It can be more spooky. It can be dark. You can kind of put anything in there because of the breadth and the style of the show." The star is also known for his role as Jim Riley in Life of Riley, and you might have spotted him as the cabbie who advises Bridget on her outfits on Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.

Neil took over from John Nettles

DS Jamie Winter – Nick Hendrix

Nick plays Jamie, John's new right-hand Detective Sergeant. The star made his first appearance in The Village that Rose from the Dead in season 19, in which the pair unravel the mystery after a man is found dead during a ghost village's reopening. Nick, 34, is also known for his roles in The Crown as Billy Wallace, a socialite who was briefly engaged to Princess Margaret.

Nick plays Jamie

DS Benjamin Jones – Jason Hughes

Jason played Ben Jones in the series, and was Tom's third junior and the only person who worked with both John and Tom Barnaby. The actor exciting the show in season 16 after his character was transferred to Brighton and promoted to Inspector. He made a guest appearance in season 19. Speaking about why he decided to leave the show, Jason told the Daily Mail: "I was completely burned out from getting up at 4.30am in Brighton to get the train to London and then on to wherever we were filming in Buckinghamshire, and then doing the journey back and getting home at 9pm. It was starting to affect my health and I was so tired I was no good to anybody, either at home or at work."

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Sarah Barnaby - Fiona Dolman

Fiona is perhaps best known for her role as Pamela Andrews in The Royal and as Jackie in Heartbeak. The Scottish actress joined the crime drama at the same time as Neil Dudgeon in 2011 and plays Sarah Barnaby, the new head teacher of the local school and John's wife. During the show, the onscreen couple welcome a daughter named Betty, adorable!

Fiona plays John's wife, Sarah

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DS Charlie Nelson - Gwilym Lee

Gwilym was Ben's replacement after his promotion, and joined the show in season 16 as the new DS before leaving the show two year later in season 18. Since then, he has hit the big time in Hollywood while playing Brian May in the hugely successful biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody.

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