The Queen is a huge fan of this ITV show - and we're not surprised why!

Josh will be playing the Queen's son, Prince Charles, in The Crown

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Fans of The Durrells have at least one thing in common with the Queen - as she is also a huge fan! According to Josh O'Connor, who plays Larry Durrell, Her Majesty loves tuning into period drama, and even approved of him to play her son, Prince Charles, on The Crown. Chatting to Radio Times about the monarch's interest in the series, he said: "A crew member came to me one day and distracted me by talking about The Durrells. Previously, they had taken a photo of me [in character as Prince Charles] and sent it to someone, who’d sent it to someone else, who'd then sent it to someone else. As they were explaining it, I’d lost interest about who’d the photo had been sent to."

The Queen is a fan of The Durrells

He continued: "The crew member said that someone who saw the picture told him, 'I loved him in The Durrells, it's one of my favourite shows.' I just said, 'Oh, that's good,' thanked him and walked off. They said it was the most under-appreciated reply to their story. Because the fan they were talking about was the Queen. This crew member has managed to get this picture of me to the Queen who’d said that she loved me in The Durrells! The real life Queen. So we have another fan! It was a great thing for us. We were so pleased."

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Speaking to Culture Whisper about playing Prince Charles in the upcoming Netflix period drama, Josh said: "I'm really proud of what we've done and can't wait for people to see it. To me, it [is] one of my favourite things on television. It was a terrifying thing to take on, but I've loved every single second of it.... You accept that it’s Prince Charles you’re playing. You make all the jokes about your ears, and then you start your work and you forget that it’s Prince Charles. I don’t see real-life Prince Charles as my character anymore."

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