The Love Island couples who are still together after meeting in the villa

Will any of the 2019 lot stay together?

Emmy Griffiths

Although the point of Love Island is to spend the summer in a villa, meet beautiful people and fall in love, in reality sadly most of our favourite islander couples don't tend to last the test of time, no matter how much we want them to (we're looking at you, Jack and Dani)! However, there is the occasional couple who break the villa curse and actually stay together! Check out the Love Island couples who are actually still a thing...

Nathan Massey and Cara De La Hoyde, 2016

Nathan and Cara won the whole Love Island pot in the 2016 series, and the pair are still going strong! In fact, they are still the only winning couple to be in a relationship, and a currently engaged and share a son, Freddie, who they welcomed in 2017. However, it hasn't all been hearts and flowers for the pair, who briefly broke up while Cara was pregnant. Speaking about the situation, she told Metro: "We had months where we didn’t even talk! It was so hard because people were asking me about Nathan; he was there at the pregnancy scan but we didn’t really like each other... I went on This Morning and I was singing his praises and in my head I was thinking, I can’t stand him!"


Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland, 2016

They might not have won the contest, but they certainly won each other's hearts! Olivia and Alex fell head over heels after meeting in the villa in 2016, and are now happily married! Not only that, they also have their own reality show all about their wedding, and it sounds like they've moved on from Love Island, as they haven't even started the new series! Alex said: "We haven’t actually watched it yet! We wait a week and then just binge watch it all. I don't like to be left on a cliffhanger. But we've seen stuff online and seeing a lot of stuff about people. You don't even have to watch it anymore, you can just read Twitter. We’ve been keeping up to date with the memes and working out who are faves are and who the savages are."

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Jessica Shears and Dom Lever, 2017

Jessica and Dom met in the villa back in 2017, and have since gone on to tie the knot! They've also recently announced that they are expecting their first baby together, naw! On May 15, the pair posted a snap of the ultrasound, with Dom writing: "Living the dream", while Jess added: "The best is yet to come." Although the pair jokily tied the knot on Good Morning Britain back in 2018 while dressed in swimwear, the pair had their real ceremony in Mykonos in October 2018, and now live in Devon together.

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Luis Morrison and Cally Jane Beech, 2015

This cute couple from the 2015 series seriously hit it off and stayed in a relationship for three years before calling it a day in 2018. Although they aren't in a romantic relationship anymore, they certainly took their relationship to the next level as they share a two-year-old daughter, Vienna. Cally has now moved on and is now dating Nathan Malcolm, a clothing brand owner, naw!


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