Zoe Ball's son Woody lands first TV job - and reveals how his parents reacted

Strictly It Takes Two host Zoe Ball shares Woody with ex-husband Norman Cook

Zoe Ball's son Woody Cook is a star in the making! The Strictly It Takes Two host has given her 18-year-old advice ahead of his debut TV appearance on Channel 4 show The Circle, which airs on Tuesday evening. Zoe and her ex-husband Norman Cook told Woody: "What you say on TV is out there forever. You can't unsay it and once you share too much, you never unshare it." The Circle – hosted by Emma Willis – follows eight different people who live their lives for three weeks in the same apartment complex but don't actually meet. Instead, they communicate through an app. The aim of the game show is to avoid being blocked and eliminated, which then results in the other contestants discovering whether or not the person was who they said they were, or someone else. The winner receives £100,000.

Zoe Ball's son Woody Cook is making his debut TV appearance on The Circle

Woody added that his parents have been supportive of his TV debut, and that he has already thought about what he would do if he won the money. He said: "I wouldn't spend it all immediately. I'd get a lot of music equipment and start working on my dream. The dream is to gather a group of mates and make a record label." And while he is aware that a lot of people will already know who is because of his parents, he won't have that worry in The Circle. "I might get more attention outside of the show but there will be no extra pressure on me inside The Circle because no one will know who they are!" he added.

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Woody with his dad Norman Cook

Zoe and Norman are incredibly proud of their son. Woody gave his first interview at the beginning of the year in Boys By Girls magazine, where he came out as bisexual. In the lengthy article, he opens up about how his parents' relaxed upbringing of him has taught him to be open. "I'm bisexual. I'm a bit of a free thinker. I don't care what gender someone is. I'm quite laid back about most things in life, including my sexual orientation," he said, going on to add: "I'm in such a good position that I should be free-thinking and happy. I really feel like my friends and family are all really laid-back - especially my parents. And growing up around them has taught me sharing, happiness, and kindness."

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He also opened up about his mum's reaction when he told her about his sexuality. "I told my mum and her first reaction was: 'You can’t be, you like girls?'. I got her to look back upon her group of friends and she started to realise she knew more bi people then she thought. I think it was a bigger thing in her time. Some people assume it's an in-between before you are gay. But really, it’s a thing on its own."

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