13 amazing Halloween TV shows and films to watch on Netflix

Ready to be scared silly by Netflix?

Emmy Griffiths

Whether you want to be seriously scared or just enjoy an evening of light-hearted spooky fun, Netflix has a whole host of trick or treat films and TV shows to try. Here are our top picks of what to enjoy on the streaming service this Halloween…


Starring Jack Black, the adaptation of R.L. Stine's popular (terrifying) book series actually ends up combining all of them! The story follows two teens, Zach and Hannah, who accidentally unleash all of the Goosebumps monsters from their books, and are tasked with getting them all back to where they belong. Viewers beware, you're in for a scare!


Scooby Doo

The live-action adaptation of the popular cartoon, the Scooby Doo movie follows the Scooby Gang years after they have split up following a huge fall out. When an eccentric theme park owner begs them to investigate the bizarre disappearance of attendees, the group are forced to reunite to get to the bottom of the mystery. Jinkies!


The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell

Love scary films? Love baking? Combine the two and check out this very unique baking show, where baking artiste extraordinaire Christine makes amazing creations that look good enough to eat, and scary enough to give you nightmares! In fact, Christine describes her own show as "a weird mish-mash of `The Addams Family' and a Martha Stewart how-to show." Intrigued? Give it a try!


When a Stranger Calls

A babysitter taking care of two sleeping children in a large, unique house is stalked by an intruder who calls her… from inside the house. Terrified for her own life while determined to protect the children, Jill has a horrific night as she does whatever it takes to survive *shudders*.

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In the Tall Grass

This horror film was adapted from a novella by Stephen King and his son, fellow writer Joe Hill. The story follows a brother and sister who enter a vast field of tall grass after hearing a young boy's cries for help, only to find themselves trapped in there with no escape. With trippy time travel themes, this film will stop you from ever, ever setting foot into any, you know, tall grass.



A dad has to take his daughter to the emergency room after she suffers a fall and breaks her leg. Falling asleep in the waiting room, he wakes up only for the staff to tell him that they don't have a clue where his daughter is, leading him to investigate. But is there something sinister happening at the hospital, or is it all in his head? This one will keep you guessing until the end.


Gerald's Game

Trying to spice up their marriage while away in an isolated cabin for the weekend, Jessie is handcuffed to the bed when her husband Gerald has a heart attack and dies. Unable to escape from her restraints, and in the middle of nowhere, Jessie had to find a way to survive. Another adaptation from the king of horror, Stephen King, expect the unexpected with this psychological horror.

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The Strangers

A couple are spending a romantic weekend away when they are terrorised by a group of people wearing clown masks, for no particular reason. Fans of slasher films will love this one. The rest of us will be sleeping with the light on for a couple of weeks.


Bird Box

A mysterious force causes people who see it to inexplicably end their lives in any way that they can, meaning that the only way to survive is to keep your eyes closed. Managing to survive with two young children in her care, Malorie is forced to go on a dangerous journey to find a safe haven for herself and the children.



If you were after a spooky one to scare you out of your wits for Halloween, this is it! According to Netflix, Haunted gives a chilling glimpse into the first-person accounts from people who have witnessed horrifying, peculiar, extraordinary supernatural events and other unexplained phenomenon that continue to haunt them. Yep, sign us up, we're ready to be scared silly!


Haunting of Hill House

This legitimately scary show follows five siblings who each struggle with their own personal demons after being traumatised by living in the haunted Hill House as children. Told in a series of flashbacks, the plot switches from the young and adult incarnations of the siblings, as we discover exactly what happened at Hill House, and why it still plagues the five of them today.


Stranger Things

Halloween is the perfect place to start for this sci-fi horror. The series follows a group of friends in the 1980s after one of their number, Will, mysteriously goes missing one night. With his mother desperate to find him again, the kids begin to realise that something 'stranger' is going on, particularly when befriend a mute girl who has incredible powers. Now with three seasons, Stranger Things is one of Netflix's most popular shows, and absolutely worth your time.


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

How could we leave out the reboot of the popular Sabrina the Teenage Witch show? The new series will be a much darker look at witchcraft and will introduce Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina, a 16-year-old who has to choose between the mortal realm and her dark education as a sorceress.


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