9 best new films and TV shows on Netflix to watch this week

Check out the best new Netflix shows to watch here!

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Need some ideas for what to watch over the next few days? Netflix has some amazing new shows that have only recently premiered or are being released very soon, so take a look at our top picks to see which series, whether it be a drama, comedy or documentary, is up your street! Now that the weather outside is chilly, it'd be rude not to, right?

Atlantics – Friday 29 November

A group of unpaid construction workers disappear at sea one night, while the women they have left behind all come down with a mysterious fever. Ada, 17, secretly grieves for her love, one of the workers, while being promised to another. After a fire breaks out on her wedding night, a police officer is sent to investigate the crime. Little does he know that the aggrieved workers have come back as unhappy spirits, seeking vengeance for unpaid labour and lost love.


Sugar Crush Christmas – Friday 29 November

Hosts Hunter March, Candace Nelson and Adriano Zumbo are back and will be joined by guest judges Tiffani Thiessen, Liza Koshy, Donal Skehan, Jeanine Mason, Amirah Kassem and Olympic Gold Medalist Meryl Davis to find the tastiest Christmas treats over three rounds of competition! With six Christmas themed-episodes, this will surely fill the gap Great British Bake Off has left for the festive season!

I Lost My Body – Friday 29 November

This totally normal and not-at-all bizarre animation series is based in a Parisian laboratory, where a severed hand escapes its unhappy fate and sets out to reconnect with its body. Part of the Cannes Critics’ Week selection, the series follows the hand's hair-raising escapade across the city as it fends off pigeons and rats alike to reunite with pizza boy Naoufel.

Dead Kids – Sunday 1 December

Based on true events, this show follows a socially awkward teen who bonds with a group of misfits, who in turn plot to take out the school’s arrogant rich kid, that is until their kidnapping scheme turns deadly. Dead Kids touches on an exciting mix of friendship, coming-of-age, thriller, and crime rolled into one, societal eye-opening movie. The cast is comprised of several young actors including Sue Ramirez, and we can't wait to check this one out.


V-Wars – Thursday 5 December

Ian Somerhalder, expert vampire, is back in the vampire world once again as Dr Luther Swann, who has to deal with a mysterious disease when it turns his best friend Michael into a vampire. As the disease spreads and more people are transformed, society fractures into opposing camps pitting normal people against the growing number of these new creatures. While Luther races against time to understand what’s happening, Michael rises to become the powerful underground leader of the vampires.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby – Thursday 5 December

The third instalment of the greatest trilogy of all time is nearly here! I don’t mean Star Wars, I of course talking about the Christmas Prince saga. In the third installment, it is Christmastime in Aldovia - and a royal baby is on the way! Amber and Richard host royals from a faraway kingdom to renew an ancient truce, but when the priceless 600-year-old-treaty disappears, peace is put in jeopardy and an ancient curse threatens their family. Yep, we were born ready to watch this with a box of Celebrations!

Marriage Story – Friday 6 December

Already surrounded by Oscar buzz, this story, starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, follows a marriage breaking up and a family staying together.

Triad Princess – Friday 6 December

Angie craves an independent life of her own after growing up in the shadow of her Triad father. Ignoring her father's wishes, she decides to become an undercover bodyguard for a famous actress at an agency, where she must navigate the unfamiliar world of glitz, glamour and even love.

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The Confession Killer – Friday 6 December

Love a crime documentary? If so, this is definitely the one for you. During the early '80s, Henry Lee Lucas confessed to hundreds of murders, bringing closure to unsolved cases and grieving families. At the time, he stunned authorities with his ability to sketch victims' portraits, and gave brutal details of each attack. However, journalists and attorneys found impossibilities in Lucas’ timeline, and DNA testing started to contradict his claims. So did he really commit the murders? The five-part series will explore how the man once called America’s most prolific serial killer was really a complex figure entangled in a flawed justice system.

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