Inside Bradley and Barney Walsh's father and son friendship 

Find out more about the Breaking Dad stars' sweet friendship 

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Bradley Walsh is currently having the time of his life with his son, Barney, on the second series of their TV show Breaking Dad. In the series, the father and son duo travel around the world taking on all sorts of terrifying and hilarious challenges, from skydiving to diving with sharks. Luckily, the pair are extremely close in real life, and Barney has previously called his dad his 'best friend'. Aw! Find out everything you need to know about their fantastic friendship... 

Working together on Breaking Dad 

While promoting the first series of the show, which came out in 2019, Bradley explained on This Morning that not only are they friends, that he is also directed by his son! He said: "He has always been my son, and you always take care of them. But then all of a sudden he becomes your equal and a work colleague, and a mate, and someone you respect.  Now I look up to him. Barney, bless him, was directing me on some of the things "Dad don't worry about this, you need to be thinking about this", and actually producing me." 


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Barney has also spoken about how much he values that they make the TV show together, and told his dad during a recent episode: "You’re my dad, but you’re also my best mate, and when we stuff like this, it solidifies it. We have so much fun together, Dad. All the adventures."


Have Barney and Bradley ever fallen out?

Fortunately, it appears that the dad and son haven't had any tiffs despite spending plenty of time together. They were quizzed about it during a chat on This Morning, where Barney explained that he thought he might have pushed his dad too far while taking part in astronaut training. He said: "It actually made us ill for a couple of days didn't it? It actually made us ill." When asked if they fell out during filming, Bradley added: "Only out of a plane!"

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Barney and Bradley behind the cameras

According to Barney's Instagram, the pair are as good friends as they appear on television, as the star has shared countless photos and videos of fun times with his dad on the networking app. In one snap, he shared a photo of himself with Bradley and his grandad, jokily captioning the post: "You’ve all heard of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly... Here’s The Kid, The Clown and The Cockney!" He also shared a sweet album of photos in honour of Bradley's birthday, writing: "Happy birthday to my inspiration - my father. Have a great day you nutter, and I hope they spoil you rotten on set!"