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9 Netflix shows perfect for royal fans 

Check out the best Netflix picks to watch while in lockdown

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Royal fans everywhere are no doubt missing seeing what the likes of the Queen, the Prince of Wales and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been up to recently, as the royal family remains on lockdown along with the rest of the country. In the meantime, we have put together some of our favourite Netflix shows about the monarchy, from dramas to fascinating documentaries. Check out our top picks here... 

The Crown

This had to be at the top of the list! The Crown follows Her Majesty through each decade of her reign, starting from her ascension to the throne. In the latest series, Claire Foy was replaced by Olivia Colman, who played the monarch in her 40s as she dealt with her teenage children along with several key political events. Since season four has officially concluded filming, this would be the perfect time to catch up. 


Check out The Crown seasons one to three

The Royal House of Windsor 

This documentary series looks at key moments in the royal family's history from the time of the Queen's grandfather, King George V. Episode one looks into how the King saved the monarchy, and looks at King Edward VIII's abdication. The six-part series also details Prince Philip's attempts to modernise the royal family, Prince Charles' friendship with Lord Mountbatten, the rift between Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and Prince Charles' interest in social issues. 


The show examines important parts of the monarchy's history

Diana: In Her Own Words

In this one-off documentary film, insight is offered into the life of Princess Diana. Using archival footage and personal recordings, it is a close look into the trials and tribulations of the beloved royal before her untimely death aged 36 in 1997. 


This documentary is based on interviews and recordings with the Princess of Wales

The Windsors

The very tongue-in-cheek comedy pokes light-hearted fun at the royal family by turning the likes of Prince Charles, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cornwall into caricatures of themselves. There are two seasons available on Netflix, so already plenty to catch up on!


Prince William is played by Hugh Skinner

The King's Speech 

This Oscar-winning film looks at the life of the Queen's father King George VI, a family man who never expected to be King, but takes the mantle following his brother David's abdication. Having struggled with a stammer from a young age, the story follows King George's blossoming friendship with his speech therapist, Lionel Logue, as he prepares to give his first ever radio broadcast. 

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The Young Victoria 

Emily Blunt stars as Queen Victoria as she ascends to the throne with her beloved Prince Albert by her side. It is a fascinating look into the royal's difficult childhood as she was deeply protected, her fraught relationship with her mother, and her early years as Queen. Rupert Friend and Natasha Richardson also star. 


A Quiet Place actress Emily Blunt stars as Queen Victoria


Starring Naomi Watts, this film follows the last two years of the Princess' life as she divorces her husband, the Prince of Wales, and explores her relationship with heart surgeon, Hasnat Khan. It also examines the intense level of media scrutiny in her life as she begins to yearn for a private life. 

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Naomi Watts plays Princess Diana

Secrets of Great British Castles 

Want to see where all of the royals will be spending the lockdown? Joking of course! This fascinating documentary, presented by historian Dan Jones, looks at some of the most incredible castles in the UK and their famous inhabitants over the centuries. Some of the places explored in the series include the Tower of London, Caernarfon Castle and Warwick Castle. 


Discover more about the UK's most famous castles

The King 

Fancy a real step back into the past? Timothee Chalamet stars in The King, a historical drama based on several of Shakespeare's history plays. The film follows the reign of Henry V, who starts out as a wayward Prince before accepting his role as a monarch and wages war with France.


Timothee Chalamet stars in The King

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