Steph McGovern reveals embarrassing anecdote with partner while working from home

Steph and her girlfriend share a baby daughter

Francesca Shillcock

She's currently working from home to film her brand new programme The Steph Show, but Steph McGovern is no different when it comes to dealing with the struggles that working remotely with a loved one can bring. The mum-of-one revealed a hilarious yet embarrassing moment she faced recently that ended up getting her in trouble with her partner – and I think we can all relate!

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Speaking on Tuesday's edition of her show, the mum-of-one began her story by explaining how she and her partner have been coping with working at home together in isolation. "There's loads of us doing it now, and it's really hard not to get distracted […] it's just hard isn't it especially if you've got kids at home, pets or even a partner to be honest."

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Steph has been filming her brand new show from her gorgeous home

The former BBC news journalist went on: "I'm just going to tell you what happened to me the other day I got in a bit of trouble because I've been using my partners headset and microphone to record a podcast I'm doing and the next day I was on my phone, I was trying to play some clips and I couldn't understand why these clips weren't playing on my phone, I was like 'where's the audio?' then all of a sudden I heard my partner apologising on her very serious conference call with her team."

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Steph has been keeping busy with her new show

The 37-year-old continued: "The clip I had been playing on my phone had been going out on through her speakers on her headset - and to make matters worse it was a clip from the podcast about how I nearly wet myself on a train! So anyway, there we are, there's my embarrassing story of working from home." Oh dear, we've all been there Steph!

Steph's funny story comes soon after she gave viewers another insight into life at home with her partner while in lockdown. While chatting on her show last week, the presenter cheekily compared their situation to that of a viewer's story of their pets now getting along during isolation. "Lee on Twitter says 'I'm enjoying this special time with my two [...] cats who hated each other and are now learning to like each other - that's like me and my partner, we're stuck together now! Just kidding, she's going to kill me."