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The Downton Abbey children are all grown up! See the photos

The child stars returned for the Downton Abbey film in 2019 - and they've grown so much!

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They grow up so quickly! While enjoying making the 2019 film adaptation of the hugely popular series, Downton Abbey, star Hugh Bonneville took to Instagram to share a picture of himself with his on-screen grandchildren: brothers Oliver and Zac Barker - who play Master George Crawley - Fifi Hart who stars as Lady Sibby and twin sisters Eva and Karina Samms, who portray Miss Marigold - and they have all grown up since the season finale in 2015!


Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville with his on-screen grandchildren

"It's Grandpa time at Donk's crèche… with Eva & Karina Samms who play Marigold, Fifi Hart (Sybbie) and Zac and Oliver Barker (George)," wrote Hugh, who stars as Lord Grantham. Fans immediately rushed to post lovely comments underneath, with one writing: "Omg they're getting so big!! Congratulations Donk!" Another said: "I love everything about this picture!!!!!" A third post read: "Look how big they are now! My heart can’t handle all the surprises lately!" A fourth follower added: "I absolutely adore this picture. Your smile, @bonhughbon, is truly heartfelt and it shows."


 Zac and Oliver with their sister Megan

Oliver and Zac are triplets with their sister Meghan; in 2014, their mother Clare opened up about how the cast would get her sons mixed up after their 1920s-style haircuts. "Zac and Oliver had lovely blonde curls and by the time they had their new hairstyles they looked so grown up, it felt like I'd lost my baby boys," she told the Mail On Sunday. The mum-of-triplets also heaped praised on Allen Leech (Tom Branson), saying: "When he wasn't playing trains, he would be sitting on the floor of the trailer using the building blocks or making shapes out of coloured pencils. He loved organising football kickabouts with the children and cast."

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Downton Abbey dog

The children play the younger generation of the Crawley family

Downton Abbey may have finished back in 2015, but fans were lucky enough to have a taste of the show's magic and drama when it released its feature film back in September 2019 - and it sounds like a sequel could well be on the cards! However, it's unlikely we'll get to see it soon due to the restrictions as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Fortunately, the series is being repeated on ITV3 - and we can't wait to settle in for some comfort watching. 

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