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Endeavour star Shaun Evans reveals he has never watched Inspector Morse - find out why 

John Thaw played Endeavour in Inspector Morse

Emmy Griffiths

Shaun Evans has opened up about playing Endeavour Morse on the hit show Endeavour, which is currently being played on ITV3. The actor admitted that he had never watched John Thaw's version of the character for a very good reason! Find out more here... 

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Chatting about the role to PBS, he explained: "The great thing about starting with books is that it's all in your imagination so there's a freedom there rather than replicating what another actor has done, with a huge amount of respect... We agreed to do a carbon copy would be dissatisfying... then I began to see the benefit of having never seen them. 


Shaun opened up about why he hasn't watched Inspector Morse

"What I would have liked to have achieved is to please the audience that already exist and know those stories but for me to create something new and to create a new audience who, like myself, perhaps didn't know the original series." 


Have you been rewatching the show on ITV3?

Writer Russell Lewis recently opened up about when to expect the next instalment of the popular show, and hinted about the upcoming storyline. Chatting to the Radio Times, he said: "The hiatus in production may throw a spanner in the works in terms of the rather happy timeline in which we've found ourselves across the past four series – with our story year being exactly 50 years distant from the year of broadcast – but we shall cross that frayed rope bridge over crocodile-infested waters when we reach it." 

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He continued: "There are some clear waypoints in '71, if that turns out to be the year we address. Everything is in the planning stage. We know the cards that remain in our hand, and it's very much a case of arranging the order in which they're played in order to bring about the desired 'grand slam.'"

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