All you need to know about Garden Rescue star Charlie Dimmock's love life

The garden expert has been on our TV screens for many years now

Aisha Nozari

Charlie Dimmock has been a household name ever since hosting Ground Force alongside Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh for its entire run between 1997 and 2005. Since then she's been relatively quiet, a career move that has been attributed to the tragic death of her mother and stepfather in Thailand's 2004 tsunami.

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But fans can now spot Charlie weekdays on the BBC's Garden Rescue, where she competes against The Rich Brothers to design spectacular green spaces for homeowners. Find out more about the TV presenter and her personal life here...


Charlie has been a household name for many years

Charlie Dimmock's past relationships

While travelling in New Zealand during the early nineties Charlie met viticulturist John Mushet, whom she settled down with upon returning home. Although John referred to her as "the missus" during their relationship, the pair were never married and split in 2001 after Charlie had a fling with Ground Force microphone operator Andy Simmons.

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Charlie opened up about her previous relationship

Her time with Andy was short-lived, however, as Charlie went on to have a relationship with another member of the programme's crew, sound technician Barry Smith.

What has Charlie said about her breakup with John Mushet?

During an interview with the Daily Mail shortly after news of her affair went public, Charlie revealed that she had no regrets about what happened, telling the paper: "We've talked to each other a few times since we broke up. I don't see Andy any more, but I don't regret what happened. You wouldn't do anything if you kept worrying about what might go wrong."


Charlie with her former Ground Force co-stars

Charlie Dimmock's current relationship

Charlie revealed in 2014 that she was single, and it doesn't seem as though the presenter has met anyone since then. Also in 2014, Charlie revealed that she felt "too old" to get married, telling the Daily Mail: "I'm too old now, certainly too old for marriage, there's no point. I do think I'm too old now. I can't see anything happening when it comes to romance; somebody would have to really bowl me over. I am quite content without a man in my life."

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