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Who are fan favourites Giles and Mary from Gogglebox? Find out everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about Gogglebox's most eccentric couple…

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As one of the longest-standing members of the Gogglebox family, Giles and Mary are firm fan favourites on the hit Channel 4 show. From their dry sense of humour and quick wit to wallpaper that matches their furniture, this married couple's TV reviews are what we live for. But what else do we know about Giles and Mary? 

Who are Giles and Mary from Gogglebox?

Mary Killen and Giles Wood are a married couple living in Wiltshire. Their love story began when they were both just 21 years old and Giles was studying at Wimbledon Art School while Mary worked as a model. 

When did Giles and Mary join Gogglebox?

The couple joined the show in 2015 for the fifth series after being approached to take part by a friend in the production team. Giles was originally set to appear with his youngest daughter but she turned him down, so Mary was eventually convinced to take part after a 40-minute long conversation with show bosses.

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The couple are fan favourites on the show

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What do Giles and Mary do for work?

Giles has dedicated his life to art and is an acclaimed artist. Mary is a journalist and Spectator's resident agony aunt. She has even written her own etiquette book, How the Queen Can Make You Happy, which was published in 2012.

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Why do they call each other 'Nutty'?

Their unusual nickname will sadly remain a mystery as not even Giles or Mary can remember where their pet name for each other came from.

Why does Mary have a ban on swearing?

Mary has revealed that she has a "zero-tolerance policy" on swearing, which Giles seems to sometimes forget. Speaking to the Guardian in the past, she said: "There’s so much on telly, I don’t want it in my own cottage. Giles swears occasionally because he's always having minor accidents. Our children turn on him and tell him off. Poor Giles."

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Who are their VERY posh friends?

According to The Telegraph, the pair have been on holiday to Scotland with Boris Johnson and his sister, imagine their conversations over dinner!

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