Escape the Country's Nicki Chapman opens up about devastating brain tumour diagnosis

The BBC presenter was diagnosed last year

Francesca Shillcock

Escape to the Country's Nicki Chapman has spoken openly about her shock brain tumour diagnosis that she received last year in the hope of raising awareness. The presenter, who is known for her work on the BBC show as well as her radio broadcasting, spoke to The Brain Tumour Charity earlier this year and opened up about her harrowing journey with the condition.

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After a knee operation in 2019, Nicki began feeling symptoms such as a loss of vision and slurred speech. "My symptoms were very sudden, over 24 hours. Initially doctors thought I'd had a stroke but scans revealed a golf-ball sized meningioma," she explained.


Nicki was diagnosed with the condition in 2019

"It's the initial shock of diagnosis and then the shock when you tell people that's even more distressing. It's like a slap. When you have to ring people - your family - and tell them; it's just hideous." The former Pop Idol judge went on to open up about the affect it had on her husband, explaining the harrowing moment they had to re-write her Will.

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She said: "We signed the new Will the day before I went into hospital and that was absolutely vile - sitting across the table with the most lovely person and wiping away a tear, literally as I'm signing and it goes 'plop' on the pages in front of me, and all the while him keeping it together."


Fortunately, the presenter's surgery was successful

Thankfully, Nicki had surgery to remove the tumour and was soon on the road to recovery, but the after affects were something the presenter was keen to raise awareness on.

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"When I look back, 2019 isn't a year I'd want to repeat, but that's life, there's nothing I could have done about it. I've been amazed at people's reactions, both those close to me and people on the street who want to say hello and maybe share a personal story but without ever infringing on my space.

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"People have been so kind and wanted to share their genuine warmth with me. It's important for me to work with The Brain Tumour Charity and share my experience to help others know that they're not alone in this."

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