Meghan Markle's connection to Netflix's Virgin River might surprise you

Have you been enjoying Virgin River

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Virgin River has been a huge hit on Netflix - and it's easy to see why! The romantic drama follows midwife Mel as she moves to a new town and embarks on a will-they-won't-they relationship with Jack - but did you know that Meghan Markle has a special connection to the show?

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Tom Matheson, who plays Doc in the hit show, directed an episode of Suits back in 2011, and was full of praise for the Duchess of Sussex during his time working on the popular show. 

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He told Page Six: "She was charming and she had an aura about her that was special.

"I could see that she had a very unique quality and the camera loved her. For me as a director, she was easy to shoot. Just point it in that direction, it’ll be fine." He added that she was "great, very down to earth and there were no airs put on". 

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Fans have been desperate for a third season of the hit show after - and spoiler alert for the season two finale if you haven't watched it yet - Mel finds Jack at his bar after he was shot by an unknown assailant. 


Have you been enjoying the new series?

Viewers have been quick to discuss their theories over who shot Jack, with one writing: "I was thinking Charmaine since she’s so mad at Jack," while another added: "I think it was Wes’s brother coming after Preacher." 

Another added: "I’m thinking Doc has cancer and Jack was shot by one of Calvin’s boys or (and that’s less likely) by Wes’s brother thinking maybe it was Preacher? Jesus I hate this show." 

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