All you need to know about Jane McDonald: career, love life and more

Are you a fan of the Channel 5 show?

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If you enjoy watching Jane McDonald sail the seas on her popular Channel 5 programme, Cruising With Jane McDonald, then you're in luck!

The presenter and singer is back for a special 'best bits' episode this weekend. The one-off programme will document hilarious moments from the past four years, including outtakes and eye-opening moments.

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There's no doubt Jane is one of the most recognisable faces on TV, but if you're wanting to know more about the presenter, including her successful career and love life, look no further. Here's what we know…


Jane has been a presenter for over 20 years

Jane McDonald's career

Jane is a presenter, actress and singer who has been in the showbiz world for over twenty years. The 57-year-old began her professional career in the late nineties working as a guest presenter for BBC's National Lottery.

Jane then came to prominence after appearing on BBC's The Cruise documenting her life as cruise ship entertainer. Around the same time, she signed a major record label and released her first album which reached number one in the charts.

More recently, Jane has appeared regular on a number of TV shows. From 2004 until 2015, she regularly appeared as a panellist on ITV's Loose Women. She also featured on Star Treatment, Jane & Friends and Cruising with Jane McDonald, which won her a BAFTA Award in 2018.

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Jane McDonald in her early career

Jane McDonald's love life

Jane met her first husband, Henrik, while she was filming the BBC show The Cruise, with Henrik working as a plumber on board the ship at the time.

The pair went on to marry in 1998, with their wedding featured in the fly-on-the-wall series. Henrik subsequently took over managing Jane's blossoming career – but after four years, decided to call time on the marriage amid concerns he would prevent Jane from being successful.


Jane with her partner, Eddie

After their split, Jane told the Mirror: "Henrik tried his very, very best and he was brilliant at what he did, but he didn't know the industry. We'd come to a point where Henrik had made quite a few enemies and he said, 'If I don't leave you, you are never going to have a career.'"

Jane has since found love again with Eddie Rothe, her childhood boyfriend and former drummer with the 1960s band The Searchers. The couple, who dated for six months in the 1980s, reconnected in 2008 after a chance meeting at the ITV studios.

Jane McDonald's Channel 5 show Cruising With Jane McDonald

In February of this year, Jane explained she would be leaving the popular Channel 5 show. However, in an interview with The Telegraph in September, the show's producer stated they show, and Jane, would return. "The pandemic has put a spanner in those works and (Jane) is returning to the channel... Where there's an opportunity to cruise, we'll cruise." We can't wait!

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