The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

This royal family member had major role in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - did you spot her? 

A member of the royal family played the grown-up version of Susan Pevensie in the popular children's film 

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The 2005 adaptation of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe saw an all-star cast, including James McAvoy and Tilda Swinton - but did you know that a member of the royal family was in their midsts? 

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Lady Frederick Windsor, who also goes by Sophie Winkleman, appeared in the film as the grown-up incarnation of Susan Pevensie, one of the four siblings who discovers the world of Narnia after walking into an old wardrobe. 


Did you spot Sophie Winkleman in the children's film?

In the film, a grown-up Susan (who is incidentally now a queen of Narnia) is out with her siblings when they spot the familiar sight of a lamppost - the first thing they saw when entered Narnia - and retrace their steps before falling back into the wardrobe and realising that very little time had passed in the real world. 

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Sophie, who tied the knot with Prince and Princess Michael of Kent's son Lord Frederick Windsor in 2009, is a prolific actress, and has previously starred in Two and a Half Men, Death in Paradise and is perhaps best known for her role as Big Suze in Peep Show. 


Sophie played the grown-up version of Susan Pevensie

She recently opened up about being forced to stay at home during lockdown to Tatler, explaining: "It's been alright, but I've been frustrated and tired and stressed out like everyone else. Children need to socialise and they get extremely bored if they don't, and I've not been covering myself in glory with this online learning thing."

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She continued: "The teachers have been really brilliant, but I've been loath to stick my six-year-old in front of a screen all day long. She hasn't done a lot of the lessons, so she's probably a bit behind. I'm not doing brilliantly, that's for sure."

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